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SWINE FLU VAC????????????? Lock Rss

my 14mth old has his second swine flu shot this week, he has no probs with the first, eh had it with his 12mth old needles (a tad late) i had it at the same time and it bloody hurts lol.
Posted by: Horsey_13
Just another Q how much is the swine flu vaccine for adults???

Hi, i think there s two types of vaccines, the one my DS got was called "panvax junior" and panvax. The info sheet i got though is about "panvax" (so i guess covers all) which says that its not a live virus- only a fragment of the killed virus. SO not sure if any of the varieties contain a live virus??
The only difference that i can read is that children get a pre-filled syringe rather than a muti dose vial.

Free if you go to a swine flu clinic/free clinic (or whatever in place in your state/territory)- i think if you go to the dr's you will still be charged the usual consult fee- the the shot itself is free.

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