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I got the weirdest remark from another mother today.

I shower with my children quite frequently (they are 4 &3) and Im not adverse to walking around in my own home in just my undies or whatever. Anyway I was telling this mother how if my kids are having a bad day or a big tanty or whatever that sometimes we all just get into the shower together to cool off and have a play.

She was shocked at this and said under no circumstances would she be naked with her children. I found this a bit odd.. or am I the odd one? There is nothing sexual about it, I enjoy the close skin to skin contact between mother and children and thoughT nothing of it, apparently its wrong?
I mean obviously we cant do this forever but it was something nice that the kids and I do together and now she has gone and made it feel weird. aargh

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

myself and my partner both have showers all the time on a daily basis with our boys and my boys are 3 1/2 and almost 2, and i have no problem with it at all

I shower with the kids when they are babies to get them used to it although I wear a bikini top to prevent them slipping.

DS1(3) has a bath or shower by himself I only ever shower with him if we are in a rush to get somewhere which is not very often thank god because he is a water hog!

DS2 is still a baby but it'll probably end up being the same as DS1 when he gets older.
yeh i get what you mean, The kids still have their nightly baths alone together but just sometimes if they are super stressed or something we'll all hop in together to break the tension.

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

I have no problem with it although my lil man is only nearly 9 months old. When he is older though I am sure I will still be having showers with him. I think that people who aren't comfortable with it, thats their choice but they are missing out. But each to their own. Don't feel thats its bad, dirty etc just because she isn't comfortable with herself and being around her kids naked.

my three boys usually bath together (aged 2-6) and i get in the shower while they are bathing... but they do occasionally get it with me.. no probs at all..

Your not weird I still shower with my almost 3yr old DD I will also shower while the other kids are in the bath. And it is quite normal in our house to wander from bedrooms to bathrooms in just underware.

Cheers Ness

I'm not 100% comfortable with my body - I don't really like being naked and having my wobbly bits out there but in basic terms: I'm the kids' mum.. I birthed them. They sucked my boobies for a little while.
Why on earth would I get up tight about them seeing me naked? LOL
If I can handle strangers seeing everything happen downstairs, I can certainly handle my own children see me au naturel here and there. lollol

I don't see any problem at all with an innocent wash with parents and kids. If someone is not comfortable with it, then that's when it needs to stop, but as long as everyone is happy with the situation, then I think it's perfectly natural and fine to do.

It's not incredibly often that the kids will have a shower with us, but it's certainly not unheard of.. We just get on with it and don't make a fuss.

I think it would create greater issues if a parent were to scramble to cover their nakedness any time the kids were around to see, coz in my head that kinda indicates to the child that nakedness and the natural human body is something to be ashamed of/embarrassed about and should be covered up at all times..
I mean, we all know there's a time and place for nudity, but if you can't be nude in your own home in front of your kids, that's getting a bit much IMO..

I agree...children need to learn to be comfortable with their body and that being naked is not a bad thing and the best models they have to learn from are us.

When lil man is older he may decide he doesn't want to shower/bath with or see us and that is his choice but I would never want to communicate with him that he should never be naked or that is is bad/negative to be so...

DP or i shower or bath with DD(2) maybe once a week. I do though bath with her once a week just to wash her hair. She loves bubble baths so she tends to have baths by herself. DD see's us naked all the time. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it.
Both DH and I have no problem with being naked in front of the kids (3.5 DD and 20 month DS), ie showering, changing etc, as someone else said they came from us and how could it be sexual, if they are your children unless your one messed up sucker!!!!
i do wonder about some people. for goodness sake, why should we have to hide our bodies from our kids? it is completely normal IMO for kids to see their parents having a shower/changing clothes/walking around in their underwear. in fact i spend most days lately walking around in just my tshirt and undies cos i am so freakin' hot being pregnant (and i'm not that far along!!!)

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