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Brought as puppy. What was I [email protected]&^*% Lock Rss

Hi all,

Our daughter had her Christening last weekend and we had planned on buying her a dog after that day (if she received any money etc...)

So we had been looking at buying a cocker spaniel... good with kids etc... etc....

Well we finally got her on Sunday and as much as I adore animlas I really wish I had've waited until my DD was a couple of years older.

For instance.... DD is going through terrible teething stage at the moment and is very sookie and wants me to hold her constantly. Anyway today after leaving the dog outside today for the first time to get it out of my hair. I decided to let it in for a while and it pee'd as soon as it came in on the carpet. So as punishment I decided to put her outside again. Only to come back and find TJ eating the dog food in the laundry!!!

The first night we had her I had read up about training them etc... So I had put her in the laundry with the door closed to sleep and she howled that loud that she woke up TJ and it took me an hour to get herback to sleep.

Then I didn't know what to do so I ended up sleeping with the dog out in the loungeroom to avoid the dog whipering, and thus waking TJ.

********* Sooooo has anyone else done the crazy thing like me and gone and brought a puppy with a baby who's only 9 months old?? ***********

no, im not in your position, but good luck with the training. once you've trained the dog, it will be very rewarding for you, hang in there

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

We dont have the new baby yet, but we did go through the puppy stage last year with 2 puppies and oh my god it is hard work. Be persistant and you will make it. and its all worth it when they grow up. Lots of socialising and playtime to wear them out.
I dont think you are crazy to get a dog when you have a 9 mth old, because they will grow together and once you past the annyoying training, which is hard work - you wont look back.
Good luck......
Hello Shweeee

We did it the other way around - We had an adorable cocker spaniel who was just over a year when we had our daughter - it certainly was hard in the beginning getting her trained and she was hyper for the first year - but now what a pleasure.. My daughter and her are the best of friends - today for example my daughter (18 months) was playing with her outside throwing the ball and the dog toys and I could quite comfortably potter around doing what I needed to do.
Unfortunately they do shed hair, however I keep her hair short and give her a quick brush whenever I get a chance - when taking laundry, garbage out etc.
Cockers love little "treasures" of there own and it amazes me how my cocker knows what are hers and what are my daughters.
I can only imagine how trying it is now but my opinion is that it is beneficial for children to be brought up around animals if it is possible and suitable to everybody's individial needs.
Good luck!

Camilla, VIC

Yep know that feeling. We did the same thing bought a Kleenex pup when bub #3 was 8 months old (only because our old faithful rotty died 5 months earlier and it was so empty not having a dog around the house)
Now Aly is 15 months old and Max is 10 months old, we have a torn up back yard with very little grass (loves to dig and bury his chew toys) most of the clothes have holes as he pulls them off the line and he will not leave Aly alone when we are outside. He is very playful and loves to bounce when excited. Therefore we have had to section off the back yard and limit Aly to small times out the back so Max isn't put away for too long. Funny thing is Aly spends most of the time at the fence were Max is when he is in there. I guess she can interact with him from a safe point and not get knocked over. I must say tho he is very gentle when taking anything from her hands, more so than with me.
Yes What Was I [email protected]$^*%
Ahhhh it will all work out in the long run, just more hard work for me until he grows up a little>

"jill of all trades"

Welcome to my world! I also purchased a puppy of all things a cocker spaniel, my baby was 3 months old and I had a 3 year old at the time. It was an absolute nightmare. But rest assured it does get better. We had the same drama with the toilet training and sleeping arrangements as we put the dog in our bedroom in a basket so he wouldn't wake up my 3 year old who is a very light sleeper. Being in a small cottage didn't help matters and the laundry door didn't have a door on it either so we couldn't lock him in there. When walking one day a lady stopped me to tell me how lovely the puppy was and that a cocker spaniel has a puppy hood of around four years. Here I was thinking I was going to have a little trouble for a short period of time and the life would be rosy. How wrong was I. Well we are now 12 months down the track my baby is 14 months old and my 3 yr old s now 4, they are the best of mates and they all get along like a house on fire. The dog is now sleeping outside in a kennel and house trained. The only thing I can suggest is be strong and be consistant. Its a lot like having another child in the house really, but it does get easier. At the time I thought I had made the worst decision but looking at now He has become part of the family and we wouldn't have it any other way. The good definately out weigh the bad!
Good luck it will be worth it in the end, you will find your daughter and the dog will become inseperable and as my cockerspaniel does will look out and protect your children aswell. They are great companions.

sarah WA

I replied to your posts with some hints on toilet training but it went to the mod so hopefully will get there soon but I just wanted to add that in regard to my dog, when I put her out and tell her to be a good girl, if she doesn't need to go she will go right down the back where it is hard to see her and pretend to go it is sooo funny.

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