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Hello everyone,
I'm 41 years old and 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I've read a lot of posts from mums in their 20's, and would love to hear from any older mums to be out there! My pregnancy has been fairly event free, bit of morning sickness to begin, bit of heartburn, and currently lots of kicking!I have the normal concerns about birth, you read so much and its really hard to know what to expect, I think an open mind is probably the best way to approach it all. Anyway I would love to hear how other older mums are coping and any advice appreciated!
HI Carlie,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm 35 and have Travis, 2y 3mo and Rebecca, 3mo.
Your doing the best thing, having an open mind about your birthing experience, that's what I tried to do and both my births, although not uneventful both had a fabulous outcome!
I envy you the kicking, that's the one thing about pregnency tht I miss, it's such a wonderful feeling!
The best thing that I did when I had my son was to go to my mother's group, it is so reassuring to share those early concerns with other people going through it, and the site was also great, you should see if there's a thread for babies due in april. Anyway just thought I'd reply and bump your thread a bit, good luck!


You can PM me if you what to chat!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had my last child a week before I turned 41. I say just relax and enjoy it all, they grow up so quick, listen to other people's advice (you will get plenty of it!) nod, smile, take it all in but do what is best for you and don't let others stress you out. Don't be afraid to take any help that is offered. What an exciting time for you!

Hi there!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Wonderful news smile Great to hear everything has been going along well. THe PP is right - an open mind is the best thing to have! I had the attitude of just going with the flow and taking it as it came, which for me worked out the best, as if I had have "planned" things I probably would have been disappointed cos they just didn't work that way!!!

I had my first DD1 (21 months) at 34, my second (7 months) at 35, and due with my next bub in September when I'll be 36 smile

The thing that is getting me at the moment is the fatigue...and I anticipate that might get worse as I get larger! If I could just convince my 7 month old to sleep through then perhaps there is some hope for me!!!

All the very best for your pregnancy, feel free to drop me a
line any time smile

hello & congrats! I am a bit older than you are atm, had my 1st at 34 2nd at 36 and the last at 37.I was certainly the oldest mum at the antenatal classes and later at mothers group/playgroup.My eldest will be 10 soon and many of my friends are 10 years younger.We all have the same issues with our kids.Whilst pregnant other things may concern you that younger ones dont need to 'worry' about.My sil is almost 57 and has an 11 year old daugther, that's all I have to say.But you will be fine and soon will be holding a beautiful baby and starting a new chapter in your life. Best of luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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