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Posted by: W.T.Flap
yeah i agree could have been said nicer, but at the same time i think it could have been a lot worse. I think you can see my passion on the topic pretty clearly in my choice of words. I hope that seeing it from that angle may perhaps let her see what she is considering a little clearer. Sometimes the truth huts. But so do feelings of regret that you need to carry around with you like a 50kg weight on your sholders for life. I am pro life. Not my body, not my life yes i agree. I just don't agree here with the reasons for it. thats all.

I am pro choice too. It is a heated topic and everyone needs to be respected from the point of view they have on this issue. If she didn't want opinions she shouldn't have posted on a public site.
In my opinion, not good enough reasons to end a baby's life, at all. So no, I wouldn't.

Posted by: boygirllove
I just dont see why building a house is more impotant than a baby.

I can see her point and with hubby working away. When it is all done and dusted it is her choice.

I didnt see her ask for opinions of what you think of termination.. she did ask "have you ever?" and "what would you do?"... i imagine she means what would you do if you were in her shoes with her situation.
I cant imagine anyone wanting to say they have had one with the backlash that she is getting for just considering it

If i were you i would talk to my husband and see how you both feel about this baby, honestly, and then seek some counciling and go from there, this effects you both so it should be something you both can live with... ignore the non helpful or judgemental posts and talk to your husband
really, hmmm i read it pretty clearly of asking for an opinion. Perhaps i won't give mine and be a sheep.

baaaa baaaa....
Posted by: W.T.Flap
Perhaps i won't give mine and be a sheep.

baaaa baaaa.... why can't I get away with saying stuff like that? Is it cause I got 'hippie' in my username?

baaaa baaaaa.......
I have not read all the other replys but here in mine.

DF and i have had the convo of IF we became pregnant again it would not be planned and we would struggle if we are in the same position we are in now but we both belive they are sent to us for a reason.

So we would both be upset and happy and all those emotions at once but we would welcome that baby with open arms.

I hope you find the right thing to do for your family.
at 6 wks that baby has a heartbeat, brain is forming. by 8wks that baby is moving. and not long after, they are aware to a degree what is going on around them.

in no way could i ever do it. even if my baby was disabled.

i am a firm believer that things happen for a reason....

bit of a scary scinario....

you have 2 beautiful children, your husband works away and you have a precious life that is awaiting your decision.

what if, for some horrid reason, your husband never comes home. be it choice or accidental. that little baby in you would be the last thing he had every given you.

what if you went ahead with it, and terminated, and then ended up with fertility problems in a few years. and never got the 3rd baby you long for, but dont want right now. i think you would come to regret that decision.

its your decision to make, but no i could never do it. i dont frown upon those who do, its just not something i perosnally can do! a friend of mine terminated an unplanned pregnancy despite knowing she has fertility problems and may never get the chance again. she was scared financially and also has a brain tumor which they are monitoring. she was very scared what would happen to that, if she went ahead with it. she still went ahead with it, after i used a doppler and located her placenta. (baby was too small for its heartbeat) she termintaed a week later, at just over 9wks gestation. the father of that baby never even knew it was there....

that little thing inside you right now, its alive, and its a human, a baby and has a life to live... if you CHOOSE to allow it.

i just re-read her post and i cant see anywhere that she asks for an opinion of abortion... she said her reasons and that shes been against it untill now, but nope she didnt ask if you are pro-life or pro-choice, she asked "what would you do?"
I hope the backlask hasnt scared her off here altogether as she obviously needs some support and non judgemental answers to her questions

and just for interests sakes
If she had come on here and said she was a 16 year old girl who was taking contreception and she was raped by a stranger on her way home from school and she has just found out shes pregnant and she wants to terminate... would you tell her to not to terminate?
Posted by: farmgirl80

Im seriously thinking of ending this one and waiting for the time when we planned.

what would you do?

WTF???? Seriously it sounds like you are talking about a friggen pet or an appliacnce, its a baby, another human, no thanks not at the moment, we'll just take the next one coming!

Sorry but for the above reasons it sounds incredibly selfish and I think you need a long hard think about this with your DH, do you really think that terminating cos the due date falls on settlement is a reason you won't regret???

Its not easy but you will generally cope with what you are given, I do know how you feeel a little,when I was having #3 I had a 3yo,1 yo, all day sickness the entire time, severe sciatica so I couldn't walk and DH working away all week, and the odd weeks he was home everynight he got home around 6pm, was in bed at 7.30pm and gone at 2am, then to add a baby that screamed all night!!
Was it easy??? NO but I don't think being a parent is meant to be easy, I look at my DD2 now and think of all the times when I was preg or when she was screaming all night thinking "What have I done" but now she is nearly two and the most delightful child I have ever met, she brightens my world everyday.

Sorry but in your position you ask what would we do???? For me, yes I would be worried and a little stressed but be incredibly grateful for what I have been given, it is not something to be taken lightly and just "get rid of" till its more convenient cos believe me it can all be taken away in a gheartbeat.

Someone said on here once "You will never regret the kids you DO have, only the ones you didn't " and that has always stuck with me.

Sorry but you asked and that is my answer, and I do tend to agree with Flap here
here, get your eyes checked. these are the phone numbers for OPSM...
1800 811 879 Australia | 0800 677 634 New Zealand

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