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And to Amy+nikits the comment you made about not coming home etc, believe me I have seen with my own eyes how quickly a life can be tajken away, its something NEVER to take for granted, so I have to agree with that comment also

i too have also seen it. there was a police officer around here killed while on his way to work. very happy marriage and they felt complete. she found out AFTER he was killed that she was pregnant. now... how can anyone say that is anything other than fate???

she was left to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, at the worst possibly time in her life. struggle with the loss of her husband, was probably down to zero income as she didnt work, he was the breadwinner and had to try to pay for a huge mortgage while coping with all this AND raising her 2 other children.

if he had not died... who knows, that child may have never been born, but you can sure as hell bet, she didnt even consider termination after that! what a precious gift. i am pretty sure she found out about 2 days afer his death.

i also love the motto you never regret the kids you have, only the ones you what if it falls on settlement day? pack in advance, and you will have a lovely brand new sparkling clean home to come back to! or you could even push settlement back a few weeks. and if your building, MOST of them are done before the estimated settlement... which is prolly around 7mths still away, at a guess? that igves lots of time to prepare. and what a lovely housewarming present. a beautiful new baby to love and cherish! you can even have the nursery room painted for you as part of your plans! all the hard work taken out.

IMO and I'm going to get slammed for this!

YES I would.

My DH works away and it is extremely hard with 2 kids (I have 2 as it is, 17 months apart, and recently thought I could be with my 3rd, luckily I'm not).

WHY, because I HATE being pregnant! I hate the first 6 months!

I'm sorry if I have offended those that have difficulties TTC and being pregnant but this is IMO.

You couldn't spell Baa??
It's quite clear you edited out your opinion but it was quoted beforehand but ok, I'm glad you are standing by it now.
I think you should ignore everyone's comments and do what is the right decision for you. We cant make this decision for you, we cant sway you one way or another,. this is a decision for you - it has to be something that you can go through with, and not live to regret. It isn't an easy decision at all. Our personal beliefs should have no bearing on your life.

Having said that, If I was in your shoes, and thinking of possibly ending a pregnancy, I would make an appointment with a family planning counsellor and go and talk to them. They will give you all of your options, and make arrangements for you if you are clear in your choice. They are non judgemental, and very supportive of all people regardless of situation.

Good Luck, I hope you can find the support you need - something I cant see happening from this thread.
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Only you can know the right reasons... I think you'll find you'll cope an earful on here for it though lol its what huggies does best... Its something you guys just need to sort out between the two of you..

I have had a pregnancy terminated, the reasons were right to me. To this date I still don't regret the choice nor do i dwell on it. Good luck with it sweetie. I have to say though its not a topic i recommend raising on huggies otherwise you will probably be linched for it unfortunately

Posted by: ironbutterfly
IMO and I'm going to get slammed for this!

YES I would.

My DH works away and it is extremely hard with 2 kids (I have 2 as it is, 17 months apart, and recently thought I could be with my 3rd, luckily I'm not).

WHY, because I HATE being pregnant! I hate the first 6 months!

I'm sorry if I have offended those that have difficulties TTC and being pregnant but this is IMO.

i really dont think your the only one to hate the first 6 months. i HATED my WHOLE pregnancy with DS2! but god if i got pregnant again HELL yes i would be keeping it. lol

To me if you get rid of a baby because you dont like pregnacy that is lame!
Personally NOPE I couldnt terminate a pregnancy based on those reasons but Im not walking in your shoes or living your life. I agree with the others that said you should seek some counselling as a couple and make an informed decision which suits your family and situation.
I have never thought children to be an inconvenience, what if something else came up that was out of your control? Just because there is anoption of terminating it doesn't mean we have to use it. I am pro choice but I think you really need to be sure of what you're doing first before you make the decision, I would be seeking counselling rather than asking a forum their advice on such an important decision.
This isn't the only reason but part of it, the rest is too personal to put on a public forum.

Ok i'm really going to get slammed for this....but it's my opinion based on my knowledge from these types of situtations.

Sometimes i believe that abortion can be a very brave choice to make. If you aren't able enough mentally, or just "not ready" to have a baby it can result in a bad upbringing for the child and previous siblings. PND can be developed very easily in these situations. Maybe this woman wants to raise her family to the best of her ability, yet feels that at this time in her life, she is unable to do so. It can also put a strain on marraiges, finances etc.

You don't just fall pregnant unplanned and not think about what type of life this baby with live. Bringing a life into this world is AHUGE decision. She used contraception, did the right thing, and this is the result. Maybe it's super easy for some of you mothers to just accept this, but for others its not so easy.

I respect and understand that people have difficulty falling pregnant and loose babies, and it's incredibly sad. But this is not about everyone elses life. This is about her life.

To answer the question, i can't tell you what i would do as i don't know you or the details of your life. I do however think you need some councelling to help you sort your way through this. Good luck smile
I have never ended a pregnancy but DD1 was unplanned and we did consider adoption for a short amount of time as it certainly was not a great time for us to be having a baby. If I fell pregnant right now DF would be very upset as he has only ever wanted two and would bring the subject up but after having two children I don't think I could bring myself to do it.

I can not say what i'd do in your situation but I will go against the grain here and say if you think you can go through with it without regretting it later in life then do consider it. Definitely get some counselling prior to making any decisions and look at all the possible options and ways to help ease the pressure if you decide to continue with the pregnancy. Do you have much support? If not you should consider looking at what sorts of community support groups are out there and see if you can find some people to lean on. Good luck with your decision.
This is a decision that only you and your DH can make.
For the reason that you have said i couldn't do it for that reason. I would just deal with it.
You both should sit down and talk about everything that may happen and then make a decision.

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