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Is Nikki(Zebby) Rss

Still a member on huggies?I haven't seen her around plus it doesn't help that i have'nt been on much.

I hope everything is ok well for her and her]
Nikkars, like a lot of others, lost patience with the cattiness and rarely comes on now. But on occasion she pops in and graces us with her illuminating presence!

I have her on Facebook, I will let her know you were asking after her.

ETA - I just went to message her - and she isnt on my friend list anymore - so after offering - I cant help - sorry love.

Edited again - she came up with a name search, so I have sent her a message... Hopefully she will come and say G'Day.
Sorry for the confusion...
[Edited on 20/02/2010]
Thank you girls.
Well hello! I heard a whisper my name was called Lol

Hello MonkaMoo!! thanks for thinking of me!! We are all good here love, just getting prepared to be married in May...if DF doesn't send me loopy before then! haha

How is everything going for you?
Thanks for asking about me!!!

Ricki.... i didn't know you weren't on my friends list anymore! i lost a few people with the change overs on FB so i'll re-invite you Lol sorry!!

Katey, Mwah...that was really sweet!! xox

You admit it Nikkars, you want me. LOL!
Glad you got the message so fast. YEOW!

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