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We're thinking about going to New Zealand for our honeymoon.. My sister told me not Auckland lol cause she said it's like Melbourne.. But so much busier! We want somewhere more relaxed!! Any recommendations? I only know of christchurch and queenstown but I've never been there!

Yeah I agree with your sister, it is way too busy here!

Christchurch is nice, but some parts are really busy, the same as Auckland. If you are coming in the winter then Queenstown is perfect, but if you are looking at skiing/snowboarding then I would go with Ruapehu. If you are coming in the summer then Waiheke Island or Great Barrier Island are both really nice.

I was born in Auckland and I agree, not really a honeymoon type place. My dad said it's alot worse now. I would go to the south island, it's much more beautiful.
Thanks for all the feedback! We're going in November, getting married on the 21st so going a couple of days after that. Looks like we'll be off to the south Island then and I'll look at those places you recommended!!

We honeymooned in NZ in winter. Hired a camper and went around the south island, love Kaikoura (Whale watching), Wanaka and Queenstown. Then we stayed in Taupo and did day trips of the North Island. I hear the Bay of islands is beautiful but we didn't make it that far. We might go over and do it on it's own some day.
Well depends on what time of the year you are coming. Winter the south island is spectacular!!! Summer, I hate to say it, but the north of the north is the place to be (only a little biased!!) Queenstown is gorgeous but commercial, go for Wanaka, just as beautiful, but not quite soooo.... well commercial smile, the West coast of the south island is awesome too, Milford Sound is fantastci, and the Homer Tunnel, just scared the bejesus out of me.
Bay of Islands is fabulous, we just got back from there last month. We live in Wellington though so it's a long way away from us. LOL Me and the kids flew to Auckland, DP picked us up there in the car and we drove the rest of the way there. You can get there by bus from Auckland but to see it properly you really do need a car.

The SI is pretty fab, but we've only got as far south as Christchurch so far. LOL

I live in Auckland and love it:) Lol...but yeah, probably not a honeymoon type of place. Depends where your flying from in Oz, cause you may have to enter NZ through the Auckland airport (but like I said, it depends where your coming from because you may be able to arrive through another airport). And it depends on what type of honeymoon you want.

Ive lived a few different places around NZ. I'd recommend getting a campervan or even a rental car. Lots of nice places all over with a different kinda feel in each one.

A few places...

Rotorua - natural geysers, heated mud pools, maori cultural attractions, beautiful lake fronts. Bush walks.

Taupo - Lake Taupo. Nice in winter. Good to get a hotel there and then go to Mt Ruhepehu to ski for the day.

Eastern Bay of Plenty - Filled with heaps of little towns. Coastline of beaches, nice in summer. So much space on the beach that when I lived there i easily found my own private spots on the beach with no one else around. My sister lives there in a town called Whakatane, and the other day her and her children went to the beach and swam with a dolphin thats hanging around the town at the moment.

Wow got a few places to look up now! Thanks for all your help! It's better to hear it from people that have actually been there

I went as a kid in january,the south island was freezing cold so pack some warm clothes

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Well Auckland is too busy, Wellington is too windy.

I'd definitely go South, Queenstown/wanaka can get very expensive. Perhaps Marlborough sounds or bay of plenty would be nice.

What sorts of things were you wanting to do while over???
Hmmm well Wellington is out then cause I hate the wind!! Haha so thanks for that!

That Bay of Plenty has been suggested a few times, must be good!

We just wanted something relaxing, where there is stuff to do though so not just beaches (I'm not sure exactly what there is to do.. Not skiing though..).. Shopping, tours maybe.. I don't know really.

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