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having a baby after vasectomy Lock Rss

Anyone done it?

If your partner had vasectomy, then either reversal or IVF to have another baby???

How successful is reversal vs IVF?
What method is easier - reversal or IVF?
What are the estimated costs of each?

Are you going to have another baby ?
no, not personally but a lady who I know from playgroup conceived IVF triplets( only 1 survived).Her hubby had been married before and had the snip at 25 after 5 kids.They had to go through ivf she said it was expensive but I dont know any other details.Another friend knows someone who fell pg 2 times post snip( obviously it was not done correctly) then she had her tubes tied lol.You getting clucky?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My dad had the reversal and had 2 boys after. My uncle as well my aunt then had another 2 kids. Thats all I can think of atm. I think IVF would be more expensive.
I was told a vasectomy to reversal was about $5000. correct me if I am wrong.

ok i don't know about a reversal but i think it would be the cheaper option depends if they can guarantee it works i gues though. However ivf i know is expensive and there are no guarantees our first cycle cost about $5000 we did get some of that back from medicare hbf etc. then if you do a frozen cycle it is cheaper as you don't need to be put under. also if it is after a vascetomy then the man will have to be put under because the will need to put a needle into his testicles to get the sperm out. My dh only had little discomfort the next day so not to bad. But this still all depends on what procedure they used. if they collect eggs etc then inseminate them then put they back into you then it will be expensive i guess it depends on how strong the sperm are etc
here this website should have some info on different assisted reproductive procedures if you go into fact sheets it will be in there
sorry to babble hope this helps

We did 11 cycles of ivf 3 collections and 8 frozen and it cost us little over $12,000 after all medicare rebates and hbf funding


UMM needle My dh just went
Thanks for the replies, there is some great info there. I will pass it all on.

No - the info it isn't for me, I want to live to see my kids grow up, and following a few continuing hassles after my last birth, It has been suggested that I not have any more. I also cant go through another pregnancy and risk what I went through with the last pregnancy (I wouldn't wish that pregnancy on anyone!)- so nope, the info isn't for me, I am blessed with 5 fantastic children, and there is where it ends. It's no secret that I am clucky as hell, but in no way, shape or form can I carry or birth any more children. I will remain clucky til the end of my days.
To be honest Ricki I am really glad to hear you aren't having anymore. I hope that you are able to get fit and healthy for your kids. That swelling was totally over the top.

Posted by: boygirllove
To be honest Ricki I am really glad to hear you aren't having anymore. I hope that you are able to get fit and healthy for your kids. That swelling was totally over the top.

if the swelling and the fluid leaking out of my legs was the only hassle I had, I'd go back for #6 in a heartbeat.

And to be brutally honest, I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken that we cant have one more, but, if I want our children to have a mum, and I want to see them grow up, I'd be stupid going back again. I'm just not that selfish

This thread wasn't about me anyway, it was some questions I had in my mind after having a conversation with my cousin...

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