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size of classes in primary school Lock Rss

i have just been for a tour of a local school that i am interestedin enrolling DD in.
Each of their classes holds 28 children to one teacher (plus one full time teachers aide in prep/kindy)

is that a large class? this is the first school i've looked at so i have nothing to compare it to.
i must say i was quite impressed by what i saw though.
each class has a minimum of 3 brand new computers in each room, including prep! is that common practice these days?
My son is in Grade 4 and he has 22 kids in his class. DD is in prep and has about 25 but also has a full time teachers aide. They both have computers in their class room.

in nsw the class sizes are capped ( in public schools) I think 20 is the limit for a kindy class which in nsw is the first year at school and up to 24 or is it 28 for other grades( not sure).The school my kids go to is not typical, we have only 3 classes,a k/1 class consisting of 10 kindy kids and 10 yr 1 kids; a 2/3 class which has 27 kids all up about 1/2 and half per grade; and a 4/5/6 class consisting of about 28 kids.Computers are in all rooms + a computer lab and smart boards are installed in most rooms too.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

this school only has 3 classes for each grade as well which is why they allow 28 per class i think as they only accept 84 students per grade.
this one has the smart boards too which ive never seen before but looked great!
When I worked in a private Qld school they followed class sizing as per the state numbers (not sure if they've changed though, it was over 2 years ago now).

Prep classes were capped at 20, yrs 1-2 were capped at 25 and then 3-6 (year 7 was part of "middle school") were capped at 28. Having said that they would enrol more students than those numbers if it meant getting a family in and would then "negotiate" with the teacher about what the teacher wanted in lieu of the extra student (additional release time around report cards/marking time is one example that I can remember happening).

eta - just found a site from 2009 that says in Qld "class size maximum targets" (this means that they can go over the numbers in classes if they choose to - since its only a "target") is: Prep - yr 3 = 25, Yr 4-10 = 28, Yr 11-12 = 25.

Computers can be a useful thing in the classroom but its also very important to find out how they are used. In one class I did prac in the classroom computer was simply used as a reward - if a child had worked well/was finished early they were allowed to get on and play games on the computer (and they weren't even "educational" games). To me there was very little benefit to those computers because they weren't being used in ways that benefited the students educationally and they weren't being used by all students - it was always the same students who were allowed to use them.

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If it looks great go for it. IMO 28kids per class is quite large but you have given a reason for it.
I am in NZ but DS1 has 21 kids in his class this year and he's a Year 2...EEK!!! He is one of only FIVE boys though, so that's 16 girls he has to deal with everyday. LOL

fairyprincess, the 3 classes at our school is not per grade it's 3 classes all up. about 80 kids in the entire school that's why I said it not a typical school its very small.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Charlie's school is a two stream school, which is two classes per grade. There are only 20 students in each class, with a teacher and teachers aide in each class. It's expensive, but worth it!

NSW infants classes are capped as described. After that, the maximum under the teaching Union is 32 per class. But studies have shown that after this age, class sizes are not the factor in learning sucess as much as teacher skill and current programs - you should definately enquire about their numeracy and langauge programs. They should speak confidently and explain their whole school plan - not just one teacher's view. Not easy, but good on you for being interested in working out what's best!
We are really luck as the school that DD started at this year, there are only 16 kids in her class. Although they will take another 5 in the middle of the year, bringing it to 21.

The public school in our town though has 32 kids in the Reception/Year 1 class. One of my friends is the teacher there and she said its just too many and she feels like she isn't giving enough attention to those that need it the most. How can you when you have 32 kids to look out for??

Currently in my DDs class there are 8 kids. 6 boys and 2 girls. here in NZ a New Entrance class is capped at 15. Then they have to open another one....

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