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Teenagers And there Driveing Rss

Last Wednesday There were 2 teens in a car in my street they were spinning there wheels and doing a donut at the same time when they lost control at of the car drove up on the curb on the foot path between a power pole and our fance while they were doing this my kids were out the back playing and they saw what happend i was also out the front on the step seeing what was happening and the car with the 2 teens in it it crashe through our fance.

I was so sared and shock up about what happend. Teens these days doint hink about anyone eles apart from them selfs it more the teen guys that "DO STUPID THINGS LIKE THIS DONT THEY HAVE ANY BRAINS"

it could of been an old lady or a mother and child walking on the foot path they could of killed anyone for being so stupid they also lied to the police because they didnt want to get into trouble they sould stand up and tell the truth
yeahp, i definately see where your coming from...
we are right on the beach so we get this all the time (the beach is the local hangout). they just want to show off their flash cars and 'driving skills' to their mates. my mum used to get so mad, her and dad would throw rocks at the cars lol.
but thenagain, i was once one of the hoons and we used to drive round and do skids everywhere, i guess when your that age you dont really think. now ithink back, im like man i was an egg, what if i hit someone? i think once you have kids you really think about thigns like that, and when im walking caden down the road in the pram i give them all the fingers coz it just pi**es me off! argh!
its really sad to hear about all the teens ending up in fatal crashes, its a pity that they dont learn from what they see on the news. they think theyre invincible!
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