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With Huggies nappies? Why can't I find boxes of infant size nappies? Are they not being made anymore?? Have looked in different shops over the past few weeks with no luck.

As far as I knew Infant size never came in the boxes. They were only ever available in the soft packs.

I think its because they are a bit of a 'in-between' size. Babies aren't in them very long.

I only used one packet with DS2 as he's already in crawler size!

Oh well that explains why I can't find them! I'm sure I had all boxes though when DD1 was little?? Ah well... ended up buying crawler size anyway - refuse to pay $20 ish for a soft pack of infants when the boxes were on special for $29!!

Ive never seen huggies infant sized boxes in NZ.
There weren't boxes of the infant nappies when DD was using them (a little over 2 years ago). It drove me crazy because she spent over 2 months in that "inbetween" stage of too big for the newborn but not yet big enough for crawlers and went through basically a packet a week. The soft packs never seemed to go on sale either, unlike the boxes that went on sale at least twice in the same period of time.

i remember never being able to buy them either when the kids were that size. They mustn't make them, wonder why though?
as far as i know they do make them i bought them when my son 11 months was born i bought the boxes from toys r us

I reckon I've seen them at the discount nappy stores in big bulk boxes, but I've never seen them in normal boxes in supermarkets/dept stores etc..
Same with the junior size, although I did notice that they've started them in 'normal' boxes now...

I still buy Snugglers tho wink

You can buy them in boxes at baby shops or online, they are in plainer 128 boxes. DD used 2 boxes of them, they don't really go on special though so are roughly $50 per box! DD2 is still in newborns and i'm hoping she'll have a growth spurt and skip infant nappies.
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