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Does anyone here have this? I've just found out I do and my left eye is quite bad. I'm getting glasses made up, but they're going to do some more tests as well. I've never had glasses, so having them full time is going to be quite an adjustment.
What can you tell me about it? How long since you were diagnosed and has it gotten any worse?
Hi. I have keratoconus. I was diagnosed when I was about 15, so about 14 years. I also have an astigmatism in my right eye which is my bad eye.
I had glasses before I was diagnosed. I have to be tested every year & usually need a stonger lense. I wear my glasses from the moment I get up til I go to bed cos I just can't see well without them.
I was first told that your eyesight deteriorates until you have to use contacts (they provide better vision cos the comtact lense is right on the eye) and then in the distant future you might need correction surgery.
Hope this helps

My DH has it as well. He's got it in both eyes, one worse than the other. He cant have glasses as if he makes one better it makes the other worse. However when he had his last check they said his had improved a bit, very strange and the eye Dr (cant spell today sorry) checked 3 times! If it gets worse then he will need a cornea transplant. Also laser eye surgery apparently wont work.

I know I am late to the party but this is a good webpage to have a look at
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