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My wife is due in about 3 weeks, and i want to buy her something special for the wonderful job she has done while being preggers, and giving birth. Being the hopeless husband that i am, i'm trusting that some lovely women will be able to offer me some assisstance here. Thankyou
A ring.....well thats what I want.....or those (can't spell) crystals... or one of those willow tree statues

You cant go past flowers, and to go with it something special.

Does she have a pandora?? you could get her one with a baby charm to start her off... maybe a heart aswell??

What about a nice photo frame or a key ring with a pic of the baby etched into it.. (you could do it while she is resting after the birth if there is shops close by)

Chocs, Soft serve, cheese and wine... all the things she cant have now...
Natella Swarovski crystals lol.

I would suggest a nice pamper Pjs and dressing gown some nice body products, chocolates and a nice symbolic peice of jewellery, if she has a pandora a new charm to symbolise the new baby ect.

Cheers Ness

the pandora bracelet and a suitable charm is a good idea. i think i might drop some hints for that myself lol!!

when our first was born DH got me an eternity diamond channel set ring.

also just as another small gesture you could organise a dinner for her with all the things that she hasn't been able to eat while pregnant. my first dinner at home after hospital consisted of natural oysters, cold meat and seafood platter, and soft cheeses!!! oh and a small glass of wine (i wasn't breastfeeding by that stage though!). it was very nice!!!

A cleaner for 12 months smile
Posted by: sooka''''''''smum
A cleaner for 12 months smile

bwahahah love it..

pandora bracelet n charm is a really good idea... also sets you up for aniversaries, b'days, valentines etc grin


My husband bought me a necklace and ear-ring set that had our son's birthstone in it. Needless to say it bought me to tears when he gave it to me in hospital. I still treasure it 2 years down the track.

Happy shopping and congratulations!
What a nice husband you are!!! I agree with most of the other replies - a pandora bracelet - with maybe a boy or girl charm, or a pram charm...
I would have been very happy with that!
What a lovely husband!! Have you bought her an eternity ring yet? Thats what i wanted but still dont have lol. Or a photo frame with a family shot of you guys?
a nice Tiffany bracelet and engrave something that she will always be able to keep and she can add different charms to it as like goes by to remind her of special occasions!!
Do you mind giving tips to my dp???? taht is a wonderful thought smile

Pandora bracelt with a baby charm? my mum got me the baby charm when My son was born. i love it has great menaing smile
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