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what the hell is going on in Australia????? Lock Rss

Posted by: nmjs
There are justa s many non aboriginal kids whoa re likely to drop out of school.

really? as a % of population?
Posted by: plastic_nipple
In some cases these people have to live in the daily fear of being killed by their 'so-called government', raped, or sold into prostitution. Some have witnessed their whole families being murdered by the mallitia, and others have been beaten so badly for having the rights to vote..

Oh we can't have compassion for these people!
Heavens above!
Posted by: nmjs

My friend is a single mother and becasue the father of her baby wont pay child support she lives off $700 a fortnight. This has to cover everything - bills- food- clothes- nappies -etc. SO whoever said the single mother pension is generous...yeah right!!

that was me, if CS is affecting your friends SSP she needs to apply for an exemption so it does not decrease her payments.
And yes i think $900 ( or $700 in your friends case) is generous, the government doesn't have to pay this money, we are VERY lucky. I personally live very comfortably off SPP,and have made decisions so that is possible.

perhaps compassion, but NOT a housing commission! bwahaha!
One thing i've noticed is that the refugees that want to make a life for themselves will take this help, do a course, get some type of job and guess what? pay taxes. I think it's a case of where it's spent not who, if that makes sense. And i'm taking about all peoples here.
When my Dh applied for his Permanent Residency to Australia, we had to state what town we were going to settle in and if we were to move to a over populated area where his skills weren't needed then this would affect his application. Thankfully, he was accepted and he was able to move.

Fast forward 3 years later, thousands of dollars and lots of stress, he is now eligable for his Australian citizenship. After everything we have been through to keep the family to legally stay together, Dh has just as much right as I do to be here and SHOULD be eligable to everything I am, after all, he is working and paying taxes the same as any other citizen. Don't assume people just came off the boat and have access to everything, I know first hand how hard it is to be able to become an Australian and when I tell our story to others they say we had it easy.

I congratulate any resident who wants to become a citizen, I think if you are living here and using Australia's benefits then you owe it to Australia to take the next step and become a citizen, then vote and have your say.

The housing system system must seem a little unfair to some but it's not on a first come first serve basis, it's who is in more crisis first.
Posted by: .:Katie:.
Frankie correct me if I'm wrong (really, do!!) but weren't you just saying that immigrants/refugees have it easy with centrelink etc so australians should be treated the same (whether they were born here or became citizens etc).. Just the same.. Not better, the same..

It's based on NEED not on which country you are from or if you are a "real" Aussie. Where is your proof that immigrants have it easier with Centrelink? Please let us know.

My MIL came here as a refugee but they actually got mire help from the local church than the govt. My MIL, DH & SIL worked as cleaners (while DH & SIL were also going to school). Other immigrants take on jobs that "Aussies" wouldn't do. My MIL is on the public housing waiting list & has been for years. If they get it so easy why isn't she in a public house?
And I just wanted to add, we are so damn lucky to live in such a generous country. I am o/s right now and there is no FTA, FTB, Dole, Austudy and the housing system is stretched so tight that the homeless population is unbelievable.

Here you have to work to earn 'the dole' (Unemployemnt insurance) and each forntight a little bit of your pay is added to your UI account, when you need to use that then you have to apply for your own UI. Once that runs out then you're screwed. Family benefits is $100 per month, no FTA, FTB just $100 per month. Daycare is not covered until they start Kindy at 5. Yep, I think we're pretty damn lucky in Australia!
Posted by: nmjs
Abstudy DOES give aboriginal more money than austudy. Its not a huge difference but its there

It's means tested so yes some Aboriginal students do get more. I had friends in austudy who got more than me on abstudy because of means testing.

To the op I think that is very unfair and currrently our country is trying to impress other countries becasue they dont wan tto p!ss anyone off. They need to look after the people here first!

it's got nothing to do with impressing other countries. We have an obligation under the UN to take refugees. And fir the record, we take far less refugees than countries in Europe, UK & USA.
Ok, I probably shouldn't add my $0.02 but what the hell.

We live in a human society. That means that there is a combination of wonderful people and morons. Rich and poor people. Happy and sad people.

A few months ago when the media was all over those 'boat' people who were landing here on a weekly basis (60 Minutes did that story?) I was FURIOUS. Those people were boasting about coming to Aussie to bludge and get free money etc. I was really pi$$ed off with them.

But to the OP, when I read your post, I thought WTH?? You have a child in day-care, work jobs, still have time and energy to contribute to the community and are unhappy with our system? I don't really have anything to say about the lady at your day-care because meh, I don't really care. But when you mentioned that man 'rushing' in to get the unemployment benefit, my heart tweaked.

All I could think was that poor man has probably come here with his wife and kids, with little or no money. We're not exactly a cheap country to live in and he was probably quite desperate for money so he could feed his family. If I was in that position, I'd do the exact same thing. Matter of life and death! And you're complaining about that??

Judging from many of the comments here, it goes to show what a blessed country we are. So blessed that we're incredibly self-centered. It's sad. I do agree that we have a LOT of problems within our country - people who struggle on a daily basis just to feed their families and need jobs and housing etc. But HELLO???? This is L-I-F-E. There are always going to be people who struggle and people who flourish. I think our country does a bloody good job looking after people and when you question homeless people on the streets, you discover most of them are there by choice (Yes, I did an assignment on this and went right into the community). And there's always somewhere for people to go.

I don't think looking at the poor side of our country gives us the right to begrudge people who have even less than our poor the right to a decent, better quality life.
I would just like to say that for any refugees, immigrants, new citizens etc. I hope you find that not everyone is as intolerant and insular as some of the posters. We are all Australians whether we were born here or not and I personally feel we can welcome far more needy people into our country than we do at the moment.

People who try and hide their racism behind being 'patriotic' are the Australians I despair over.
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