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i have be looking into becoming a 1950s housewife and it looks like a great family life, compared to what I'm doing now,cooking,cleaning taking car of my family it's not much different, just wondering whats the thought out there on this idea?
as long as noone is forcing you to be that way, then i dont see any problem with it.

Me, i like a little equality in my house. i work part time but even if i didnt, i would still expect my dh to help out with housework and kids.
I already am lol ! I think both DH and I both come from "traditional families" you know, where mum stayed home after having kids and dad went to work. I grew up idolising my mum and wanting to be like her.

DH does most of the grass cutting and edges, while I do all the other stuff. I'm ashamed to say I have no idea how to use a lawnmower or change a tyre, but I am a domestic goddess lol.

DH makes good money and I'm lucky to be able to stay home fulltime. Moneywise, even though I don't earn a wage/salary, we both have ATM cards and both spend on little things. We always let each other know if we want to buy something iykwim.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but works in our family. Sometimes I do miss going to work and the social life that comes with it.
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dont forget to disconnect the computer, telephone and mobile, no car, no convenience foods.Frock up before hubby gets home and dont forget the lippy.good luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

ooh n work out what your allowance is because 1950's HW dosn't pay the bills thats mans work lolol

Thanks but no thanks! I like indepenence and having an opinion.
Good on you!!

i wish i could do that but i cant. I love to read, go on the computer, chat 7 have coffee with friends, i do the housework when i want (although its always done).

i am far to opinionated to get away with being a good housewife lol
I don't have the right personality for it lol.

Maybe watch the movie Revolution Road?
I can't handle not making my own money so I don't think I could ever be a true 1950's housewife. However if I were to go down that road, my biggest concern would be my husband turning into a 1950's pig.

I'm much happier doing housework, cooking etc knowing I'm being appreciated for my efforts - rather than my efforts being an expectation as they were in the 1950s.
I couldn't do it for so many reasons.

I would hate to have an allowance, I spend what I want when I want, DF and I trust eachother that we are responsible with our money.

Stuff letting him come home to dinner on the table (7 days a week - no reprives in the 50s), then sipping his whiskey smoking a cigar whilst you, hand wash all the clothes, hang them out, iron them, do all the dishes, bath the kids, put the kids to bed, read all the stories, tidy the house and bake for the next day.

Women have come along way in equality since those days and we should be proud of how we have trained men to help out lol.

You could never completely be a 1950s housewife anyway, society and technology etc won't allow it, you would have to make extreme changes to your life and even then it couldn't happen!

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well. I think i am already a bit of the 1950's housewife, with the kids and the cleaning etc, but since i have had more children , my DH has really stepped up to the plate and taken on a much bigger role than he used to, he cooks cleans, feeds, washes etc, and together we are a good team..
Although some parts of it are good in theory. I have tried really hard to teach my kids (my eldest DD is nearly 12), thatt they can do anything they want, and i would hope that she would want more for herself than to go back in time.. fair enough if her and her partner agreed and wanted to live that way, but i want to show all my kids, thatt nothing can stand in the way of them having it all, with some balance in their lives of course.. I didnt bring my girls into the world to live the way my nan did and I didnt bring my boys into the world to live the way of my grandfathers...

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

ok can someone fill me in on what is actually "expected" of a 1950's housewife?

theres no way i could do it because i cant cook, i hate cleaning, im not very good at keeping my mouth shut and i dont dress up for DH LMAO would you "become" one from whatever you are now? would you be making a conscious choice not to speak your mind and to pretend to enjoy waiting on your husband left right and centre? because thats what i think of it as.
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