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I need opinions! Please Lock Rss

DH has been offered 2 jobs (his current one is fine but they are closing the mine in the next 24 months so not long term stable)

Job 1- where we live now, great mine, great company, good money, 2.5 hours to family
But crappy area, no good schools, no nice playgroups, no shops

Job 2- 2 hours west, great mine, great company, great money. great schools, great shops. Lovely area
But 4.5 hours from family and friends

We have 3 months left on our lease here, so we would have 5 weeks of paying 2 rents. But we could afford it.
What would you do?
I would probably take the 2nd Job. You can always make new friends and 4.5 hours isn't TOO bad.
I'd probably take job 2 too...but then my family is all on the other side of the world so I would kill for them to only be 4.5 hours away. LOL

How often do you normally see family and friends? You can make new friends. Ultimately you need to decide what is best for your family...are better shops, schools, area more important than being close to extended family? Personally I would go the better area and schools and travel the extra distance. Also look into the lease as you may be granted a release because your moving for work reasons

CHeers NEss

I would definatly go job 2. Two and a half extra hours is nothing when your kids will be at a great school. Shops will keep you sane and family visits will be even more special smile
[center]I agree, I would go for the 2nd one[/center]

Yep...Job 2! We lived 11 hours drive from family for 4 years when the kids were babies and new borns. Just over 4 hours drive is nothing really! Although it sounds like you've already picked job 2 just by the way you've described it! smile
Hope it all works out for you!

Thanks everyone for the replies
We are going to take the second job, we see family every few months and we will make new friends.
Looks like we're off to Orange!
Oh wow that's great Congratulations!
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