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Appalling, sorry but I had to share! Rss

I took my 3 kids to the public pool this afternoon. I went with a friend and we tag teamed with our 5 kids between 2 pools, as we had a couple in the baby pool and a few in the deeper lap pool so together we can watch everyone. While I was 'on duty' in the baby pool there was a guy with his baby who was in one of those floaty things with a sunshade, you know like they can sit in. Baby would have been maybe 6 months, and I exchanged nods and smiles with the dad. Anyway, I was playing with DD and my other charge when I turned around to find this baby in his floaty all on his own. I look around to see where dad has gone, and he has gone into the OTHER pool with his goggles and is swimming up the length of the pool!!!! He LEFT his child, his little baby, floating all by himself! I was speechless for a moment but yelled to the lifeguard and he went and got the guy out and gave him a good telling off but my heart was pounding and my hands were actually shaking I was so angry. I still don't know what to say but FAAAAAAAR OOOOOUTTTTT I try not to judge other people's parenting (I'm not perfect!!!) but that was absolutely pathetic.

NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!! blink angry
Good grief!!!!!!!! wacko What makes someone do that sort of thing and think it is 'OK'? Then again I think people can be very complacent when it comes to kids and water, especially when using those floaty type things even though it always states that they are not to be used in place of adult supervision. I would have been angry too and spitting nails. I mean to endanger the life of your child like that so you could go swimming???!! huh

NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!! blink angry

Awful Awful angry sad
Geez.... blink

Don't know what else to say really... that is absolutely shocking.
EEEK!! OH NO!! Maybe by exchanging nods and smiles he assumed you were going to take responsibility for his child?? gasp NAUGHTY daddy! angry angry

I have to add that he then came back (not very fast!!) and lifted the baby out by the inflatable ring part, so the seat could have torn and baby fall out onto the concrete. Then he placed the baby on a table while he dried himself off (the wind was really cold when we got out) and THEN decided to get his boy warmed up. Me and my friend were just stunned, here's us constantly watching all our kids and then this guy assumes I'll watch his baby while he takes off for a swim (that's the only reason I can think he would have left him, because I was in the pool too???). FFS.
OMG some people.

What the hell! That is disgusting...if you were already looking after your share of 5 kids what in the world made him think you would watch his (a complete strangers!) kid as well?!
Even if in some way he did think that you had implied that you would look after his kid, I would never leave my child alone in a swimming pool with a stranger!

HOLY crap that is BAD!!! I got my DS2 one of those new bath seats and from when i got my first one for DS1 they now come out with warning writtin in bold that can not come off that children have drowned using the device!! I can not believ people think putting there children in these devices means they can go off swimming and answering phones ect ect etc.....

You were awesome for noticing and telling the onduty gard! roll eyes
I can't believe someone would do that. Was he thinking at all, i don't think so.
Wonder if he wife knows what happened. Hope his wife gave him an ear full.

cant believe he did this..... angry
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