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Facebook Fanpages... who has one? Lock Rss

I was just on Facebook and looking at a friends fan page/business page and it got me curious... I am wondering how many huggies mums have one and for what business? Do you think it is worth setting up to get free advertising?

Mummy to one big little man!!

MEEE!!!! (heheheheh - I really need my Mutley emoticon roll eyes )

I think an online presence is important for any business, and Facebook is a very quick and easy way to keep people up to date with the happenings of your business. They are also a good way to get the word out about your product/service 'through the grapevine'.
(or so I hope! LOL!)
I had one set up for my Tupperware, but was suggested (ie firmly told lol by the owners of my distributorship)to switch it over to a profile so I wasn't breaking any terms and conditions to the contract I'd signed. It was fine by me, it still does everything a fanpage does - I think lol.
I do!
I make clothes for kids and I kind of fell into it lol! Now I don't have time to clothe B&J!
I think its a great idea i had a hand and feet sculptures business (i just do my fam and friends now) but i had a bit of business from it. I mean its free add and any add is good.
Bec smile
My DF does, he has a web design company. For a client or two he's actually made them a facebook fan page too.

I have one for my scrapbooking business - Alpha-Bits & Pieces. Still trying to get it all figured out though!

The link is here

Twitter has me scratching my head at the moment ... not sure whether to spend time figuring it out or not scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

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