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So the Eclipse Trailer is out Lock Rss

I really cant wait for eclipse. I really enjoyed New Moon. i wonder if it'll be much different with change in directors??
OMG OMG OMG where?!?!?
I just saw it on Sunrise - makes me want to read the series again...for the 3rd time smile I cannot wait for the film!
Eclipse trailer
found it
i saw it yesterday on you tube. Can't wait to see the movie

i've started the books again. but as i am reading twilight i can see SOOOOO many things that were completely different in the movie. the same basic things are there but so much is in a different sequence or they say different things.
can't recall if New Moon was that different from the book?
I was never really into Twilight. I watched the first movie to see what all the fuss was about and I did enjoy it. I then watched the second, but didn't think it was a good as the first. Not sure if it was because maybe I wasn't feeling like watching a movie. I just watched the trailer and WOW, that looks like it's going to be really good!! It's kind of making me want to read the books, which I said I don't think I could ever do because I wasn't that into it lol.
Cant wait! The movies are a fair bit different from the books. I prefer the books over the movies apart from the perve on Jacob. lol
Awesome thanks for the link!!!!!

comes out on my birthday pressie ever i reckon grin grin grin grin
It looks really good but it's strange seeing a different actress playing Victoria (original actress had a 10 day overlap with another movie so they cast someone else)...can't wait till it comes out though!

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Lol I haven't seen new moon yet. Any one know when its due out on dvd?

I have twilight on my laptop but now that you can buy it for like $10 I might pick it up. Its making me want to read the books again though, might see if my family will buy them for my birthday (borrowed them last time).

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