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why would you (from another post) Lock Rss

After reading replies of you'd let children come to your wedding ceremony yet didn't want them at your reception.

Why? We didn't have any kids at our wedding except for a new born and that was by choice of the parents.

But if we were to only have kids come to the ceremony or the reception i would prefer the reception. To me the ceremony is the most important part and the bit i wouldn't want to hear kids yelling screaming or crying througout.

i''''m baking a baby

I'd say the cost. The ceremony is free but if they come to the reception any older kids you'd have to feed. We had no kids at our reception as it was a fine dining restaurant and not appropriate for kids. I also wanted people to enjoy themselves and not be running after kids.
SOME kids came to the ceremony, my nephews (one was pageboy) and my little boys who I worked looking after. Was nice to have them see the ceremony, one of them was very concered about my dress getting dirty and carried my train around for me! He was 4 at the time, so cute! smile
Becuase for me I felt that if you invite kids to the recpetion you are obliged then to pay for them, 99% of the time you will pay the same price per child as you would per adult so extra cost, people would be leaving early due to kids etc, and I just don't think a wedding is really a place for kids.

I allowed kids at the ceromony but ours was outdoor, they pretty much ran around and played on the grass but it was no big deal, they were quiet enough
We seemed to do things different to most, and we had children at the ceremony and the reception. Acutally we had 8 under 10 in the bridal party. The way that we looked at it was that if there oarents were important enough to be invited, then so were the children. Somne chose not to bring their children, but we ensured that their names were on the invitations and that they were very welcome.
I didn't think about the cost of feeding a child. That would have an impact.

I guess we were just lucky and our friends were happy to have a day awy from the kids.

I still wouldn't want kids at a ceremony. We went to a wedding once on the lake. There was kids yelling and screaming in the back ground and it really took away from what we were there for. I guess thats what put me off.

i''''m baking a baby

I took my 18month old to a friends wedding ceremony but not reception for 2 reasons, 1. So my SIL didnt have to look after him for a full day and 2. because the reception was in the function room of a bar, so it wasn't appropriate to take a child along. He was great before the ceremony, but as soon as he saw his daddy up front (he was the best man) all he wanted was to go up and see him, so he started having a tantrum. I missed pretty much the whole ceremony because I had to take him away, which I was really disappointed about. Luckily the B and G didnt notice his tantrum so it didnt ruin their special moment, but in hindsight, I would have just let my SIL have him for the entire day and had a day out
for me it was simply that i did not want to pay per head for kids. we only had one child (my cousins daughter) cos all her sitters were at the wedding.

we had kids at the ceremony and they ran around and played in the trees and gave their parents a hard time smile.

i think most people were relieved to not have their kids at the reception so they could relax and enjoy the night..
We had kids at both ceremony and reception, none were babies though. Most parents arranged for babysitters to pick them up from the reception after the meal so that they could stay and party and kids could go home to bed.

I can also understand why some people say no to kids at the reception as it is very costly and most often receptions are at night and so not appropriate for kids to be up so late.
Now this is going to sound silly however I didn't mind lots of children at the actual wedding it self however not the reception.

I did however have our DD at the wedding and reception, her best friend and paige boy.... we set them up at a table with lollie bags and lots of little goodies... even though I had 3 children I said no to eveyone elses children. I wanted DD to feel 'special' as dh is not her natural father - and I felt it was a big thing for her little life to... as it was no longer the 2 of us.... we were 3....

My reason behind not having anymore than the 3 children was it was my wedding reception... and I kinda didn't want that child care feel... like lots of excited kids... silly hey... but at the end of the day it was my family's special day...

We had our neices and nephews at our wedding + reception, but none of the cousins, second cousins etc. We had a strict budget and simply couldn't afford it.
DH's family are all very tight and to this day I'm hated because of it. I think you should do what you want, your wedding day is about you and your husband, not what someone's great aunt thinks.

We would have welcomed all the kids at our actual wedding, but we got married in Wollongong, they are all from Penrith. That wouldn't have worked!
For us it was the cost. The only kids at our wedding were under 2 and they were our niece and nephew and our friends baby. Our 12 year old niece was my bridesmaid. We had brought our house the month before and we wanted a good honeymoon. Plus our guests who we invited from WA could not come cause it was too much for them to pay.

We're having children at the ceremony if parents wish to bring them, it's their choice there but no children will be allowed at the reception. We have a couple of reasons. We don't want people to have to leave early because their kids have had enough. We want people to be able to relax and have a drink without worrying about watching children. Our ceremony finishes at 11:30pm which would be too late for most children. And like many other people said, the cost was a big thing. We'd have to add quite a few extra meals in if we were catering for children too and we just can't afford it.

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