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40th birthday suggestions please! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I have just spoken with a friend who I have seen or spoken to for some time - I guess life and distance has gotten in the way.
Anyway, she has asked me to her 40th this coming weekend (a very casual thing), but she also told me that she has recently left her husband.
I want to give her a gift that says Happy Birthday, but one that moreso says "You are a strong, independant person, and I know you can do it"
I NEED IDEAS!! Please anything you can think of will be greatly appreciated!
No idea! Just trying to bump this up for someone who does.
A gift voucher for a spa day? A new briefcase if she works? Ooh new bed sheets to start afresh?
Thanks smile I did think of the day spa idea, as she is in exactly the right region of Vic for that, but I love the sheets idea. She hasn't been left with much. I am going to check out a jeweller this week and see what I can find there.
Thanks for your reply
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