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What do you do with empty formula tins? Rss

Hello, i have stacks of formula tins at home and would really like to put them to good use so i need a few good ideas.
My dp used to use them in his shed for all his nails, drill bits, nuts and bolts and crap.
They can be very verastile and a shame to throw away.
I have used for so much but some are:
- bits and bobs in shed/craft;
- container for dog biscuits, other food when travelling etc...
- mossie coil holder when they are lit so not touched easily etc ...
- cover/paint/fill with noisy objects to make a new toy for bub (great learning to crawl toy)
- use can opener to take base out and use as a protector on seedlings/vege patch

well thats all i can think of at the moment anyway!

My dp used to use them in his shed for all his nails, drill bits, nuts and bolts and crap.

same here, my mil used to take them paint over them attach stickers/transfers and use them as little bins in bedrooms

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I also cover them in contact and use as storage tins in the kids room for leggo, cars, pencils and craft stuff, I try and get the contact to match the contents or else i use a plain colour and then with clear contact stick a picture on the tin - just helps the kids know what goes in

Leigha''s little men smile

if you dont want to use them around your house donate them to a local primary/kinder/daycare centre.

my MIL (new entrants teacher) just took a heap of our to work for the kids to make stilts out of lol
Most of the above plus I make money tins and have given some to a local mother's group to use for crafts.
they make the BEST chuck buckets, I am one who does the sympathy chuck when people are sick, with formula containers, you just whip the lid on and throw the whole lot on the bin, and sympathy chucks are a thing of the past. I have about 10 empty containers in the bottom of a kitchen cupboard just for that use!

Money boxes, kids can paint and decorate

glue a few together and they can become little 'pidgeon hole' storage things for matchbox cars, small animal toys, pencils, blocks, etc

Car detail/smash repair places use them for mixing up small amounts of paint.

Our kinder wouldn't take them - they don't take ANY type of container that has had food in it, due to allergies, but you can certainly ring around ask. Speak to the art teacher at nearby schools to see if they have a use for them
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