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Personally I'm glad that religion is not taught in public schools any more. There are so many different denominations that it would be nearly impossible to teach the 'basics' as the beliefs aren't all the same.

I would prefer for my children to grow up without religion, and when they are grown up, they can choose a religion based on their own beliefs, if that's what they want to do.

our school teaches both evolution and creation and then leaves it up to the individual to decide, which is how dh and i wanted it.

For those interested, I just thought I'd put a couple of links here that you can go to to purchase resources to help educate your children in Christianity.

If you click on each title, it will take you to an area where you can see sample lessons (pdf).

The other link is for Koorong Book shops (all over Australia) plus you can purchase stuff online. You can also get on their mailing list for them to send you out catalogues. There is a huge children's section. Bibles, devotions, picture books, puzzles, sticker books, music, DVDs, teaching resources - heaps of stuff.

My situation:

DS is 3 1/2. We are Christians and we attend church each week. DS goes to creche and they do a simple program there for the toddlers. Our church also has Kids Church on Sundays during the sermons. Additionally they have programs during the week after school for all ages. So my son will be attending those. We're also hoping for him to attend a local Christian school. At home we pray with him and talk about Jesus.
We chose a local Catholic school for our daughter, and I couldn't be happier with our choice. At year 1 level, she is aware of the events which surround Christmas, Easter and the celebration of different Saint's Days. She is being taught creation, and the way that we are all part of God's family, forgiveness, and being kind and thoughtful people (which, if I remember, is a theme to the Bible......its been a while for me!). Her reports place an emphasis on RE, but more around developing selves into wholesome beings I suppose, but RE is another subject just like Maths and Science. I am very pleased for her to be given this knowledge, and then when she is older she can make up her own mind.

Thats fair enough, but how do you go when it comes to Xmas and Easter? Do you just celebrate blindly or do you explain the meaning behind Good Friday and Xmas day etc? Just curious thats all.

Although I know Christmas and Easter are religious celebrations, for our family they aren't. I have no problem with them learning the meanings behind them, however it's not something we've dealt with yet.

I was raised catholic, but no longer follow the religion. So for us, Easter is about chocolate, and Christmas is about presents (and precious time with our families).

My apologies if I've offended anyone with my non religious opinions!
I started a topic similar yesterday!

Yes I do agree with you it is important. We are not religious either so we had a little chuckle our littlest DS (who loves singing) has been singing religious little songs he has been taught at kindy which include a little 'grace' song they sing before they eat.

I think it's great! I want the kids to learn about everything! From theories on evolution to creation so I for one am pleased my kids are going to a school where they do teach it!
I am also glad it isnt in all public schools. When I grew up RE lured children in with stickers and bookmarks etc... once they had gone for a few weeks, the message would change to " good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell" "you need to go to church or you will go to hell" Children would get so upset that their parents would go to hell. I know this sounds really negative and I am sure not all RE instructors would be like this. But my experience was a negative one, so I would prefer my kids to not have a part of it.
Do I want them to learn religion? Sure, if they choose to that is fine by me, but I wont be going out of my way to have them involved in it. I am pretty sure their nana tells them bible stories whenever she gets the chance lol
I think a childrens bible is a good idea, as long as you educate yourself a bit so you can answer the questions
Hi all,

As you can probably guess from my sig, my Hubby and I are Christians, our kids dont go to school at present but when they do it doesnt really bother me as to whether they get religious ed or not as I feel its our responsiblity to teach our kids about God and Jesus and stuff and to encourage them to partake when they are old enough (but never to force iykwim). also most re in govt schools is covered by volunteers from local churches so it usually isnt a diversified religious ed. I'd be more than happy for them to do it if it was part of a society and environment program where they learnt the basci beliefs of all religions, just to be more aware that people dont think the same as you type concept.

A good kids bible is one called the big picture bible -it really big, but there arent alot of words on each page - good pictures too - it does a good job of amking it easy. The everyday bible is also a good one - I think there is a recommended age group of the back of most kiddie bibles.

I'm actually a very new Catholic myself, my children and I were baptised last year and my oldest son and I will do our Confirmation together this year. I did it for my kids (and myself) because, to me, it felt like my parents took the easy option by saying they'd 'let me choose' when I got older. I feel like it's the one place they let me down as parents, that I had no religious education as a child bar the 30 minute scripture lesson once a week for one term a year at school, which taught me nothing really.

My children attend a Catholic school, and I'm happy with that. It's up to the children how much they actually take on board and use for later in life, but I wanted them to know that if they have tough times ahead, that they always have something to turn to if they need it. I always find it amusing when people say they will let their children decide what they want to believe, so they will not allow their children to participate in RE lessons because they want them to make a decision based on all the information. Aren't they in effect taking away an opportunity for their child to receive some of the information??? smile
not sure where you live but my kids have scripture every wednesday at school they only offer catholic or protestant(sp) but I have heard that some schools are trialling ethics/morals for those kids who are not catholic/ protestant but whose parents or the school feel they should have sort of moral ethical education.As far as I am aware, in HSIE they learn about other religions too( not 100 % on that)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I am in Qld and my 2 go to a State School and they both have RE.

The school chaplain comes to their rooms once a week and tells a story.Usually she has a puppet or toy that 1 child gets to hold during the story and its not from the bible but a religious childrens book.Sometimes they watch a dvd.

I couldn't be less religious if I tried but I am happy for them to hear these stories until they decide for themslves.

Haven't read any other replies but...our primary school still has R.E once a week, DD (Prep) brings home their colouring sheets etc all the time.

It was something we nominated in her enrolment forms, whether we were of any religious denomination and whether or not we wanted her to attend R.E classes at school.
i see alot of you are leaving it up to your kids to decide, my parents did the same with me and my sisters. they are not religous at all, they would say they are allergic lol, so they left it up to us to decide what we would do. So i being a dutiful daughter did exactly that and made up my own mind and now i am muslim. So kinda of blew up in their faces lol but they are great with it and so supportive of my decision, but i guess my question is to all those parents who are leaving the decision up their kids are you really prepared for what they could choose??!!

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