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please i need some advice (mild hip dysplasia) Lock Rss

ive just been told that my 9 month old girl has type 2 left hip with mild dysplasia. now my daughter is crawling and walks around the couches and stuff, there talking about putting a brace on her, now i know its whats best for her but how do i explain to her that she cant move anymore..

anyone with experiances..

what are the chances of them keeping an eye on it (my dr said they might)

Hi, sorry i have no idea about this but just wanted to say im thinking of you and your little girl.

I haev a friends who daughter had to wear a brace for a long time but you would never know it now by looking at her. She said it was hard but its just one of those things you just cope with. Us Mum's seem to be able to handle anything given to us and im sure once its on and your all sorted you will wonder why you stressed so much. But its ok to cry.

I hope some with personal experinace can come and give you some advice.

Take care wub
thanks ladies

I have no experiance with hip dysplasia but my son (18mths) was given a leg brace on tuesday. It's not as invasive as the one your DD would have to wear and he only needs to wear it when he's asleep. It's not nice, he hates it and is very unsettled at night (we're hoping its going to get better soon) But the doctors said that we could wait and see what happens but the problem is that if we wait too long the only option would be surgery and a cast for a long period of time. So we took the brace as soon as they'd give it to us. I think it's a short term pain thing. I would hate him to have surgery to break his bones knowing that a brace might have worked.

I guess what i'm trying to say is the sooner the better with a brace. The older they get the less chance they have to work. I think it will be very tough for her to get used to not being able to move but if it gets worse you might have to face more complicated treatment.

thank you. i think it is gonna be really hard, im just hoping she doesnt have to have it on for a long time, how is she gonna learn to walk. im so lost and sad

i wasn't in quite the same situation as you, but thought you'd like to hear from someone who has been through something similar.
DD's hip dysplasia was picked up at birth, and we went to see a specialist at 6 weeks. specialist said to see it it would right itself, but at 4 months (just after she started rolling) she was put into a pavlik harness to keep her legs in the 'frog' position. she was in it 24/7. she was finally allowed it off at 7 months. 6 weeks later she was crawling and she was walking at 11 months.
in my opinion its better to have them in a brace if needed when they are still young instead of having big problems when they are teenagers.
kids adapt, though your DD will not like it to start with, it will come off. i think it was easier have it on 24/7 instead of it coming off and on all the time.
hope this puts your mind at ease.

Lauren 3/5/2007

MY DS had hip dysplasia but it was picked up and birth and monitored as it was border line for having a brace. A friend's DD had it but it wasnt picked up until she was about a year and she was in a cast. She still managed to crawl though and would just pull herself along so didn't stop her moving.

MY DS had hip dysplasia but it was picked up and birth and monitored as it was border line for having a brace. A friend's DD had it but it wasnt picked up until she was about a year and she was in a cast. She still managed to crawl though and would just pull herself along so didn't stop her moving.

Hey! I have been in a similar situation! My DD1 had hip dysplasia, diagnosed at 6 weeks. The pavlik harness didn't work, so she needed surgery, plaster for 6 weeks, then a brace for a year afterward. It wasn't too bad, and she got used to the plaster and the brace - she was able to pull herself around the room with the plaster on, and she learned to walk with the brace on. My DD3 was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was 7 months old, and she was given an operation when she was 9 months. She had plaster for 12 weeks, and a brace for a few months. What kind of brace will your baby have? My daughters both, after surgery, got a brace that was a strap on each leg with a bar in between - was actually not too bad, just went over the clothes, and they were both able to learn to walk in them. Hope it all goes well!


kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10


First of all it's AWESOME that it was picked up early <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Think positive!

DD2 has Hip Dysplasia. Her left hip completely dislocated. Every time her leg moved you'd hear a very loud THUNK. That was her leg dislocating <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>

She was put in a Rhino Cruiser at 4 months. She'd rolled over for the first time 5 days before it was put on. It had to be on full time for the first 6 weeks and then they'd see what happens after that. We went back for her 6 week check up and it wasn't dislocated anymore but the joint wasn't curved enough so another 6 weeks with it able to come off for an hour a day (no more sponge baths!) and we have an appointment in a week and a half for it to come off! *Fingers crossed*

So 3 months in total. I guess it depends on what brace they use but there are photos of some children in braces that are walking! Kids are amazing! I said to DH the other day actually that if DD2 had to have this brace on any longer I swear she'd learn to roll in it. She's really starting to get some guts behind the push to roll. I've seen photos of kids walking in this particular brace too.

Again, depending on the brace, you could help her crawl in it.

These are pics of DD2's brace. Front and side.

It may look horrible when you're DD get's the brace on, I cried. But then it becomes normal. Just a pain in the bum. I don't notice the stares or comments anymore. At first I covered her in clothes and blankets and turned the pram to face me so nobody could see her to comment and then I thought, Stuff you all! Great BIG hugs <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

PM me if you need anything!

Hey! That's the brace my DD3 had after her plaster! It wasn't too much trouble at all, just a pain in the bum, as the pp said. Thinking positive thoughts definitely helps! Good luck!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I got pureed butternut pumpkin on DD2's last week.
I was so cranky with myself! She has it on for 3 months and I get pumpkin, not farex or something white, on it with two weeks to go tongue

There's a support group on FB if you're on it.

'Hip dysplasia - awareness group' and another one called 'Hip Babies'.

If you look throught the photos you'll see different casts, braces, harnesses etc and it won't seem so daunting and you won't feel so alone.


My DD#1 was diagnosed at 9months.
She had surgery/plaster, then went into the harness.
The harness certainly didnt slow her down, she was crawling around everywhere. I always put her in leggings or tights under the harness.

Best of luck:)

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

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