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What/how much do you buy your kids Lock Rss

how old are your kids and how much do you buy them? I haven't bought anything yet....ooops!!! Last minute dash on saturday i think smile

how old are your kids and how much do you buy them? I haven't bought anything yet....ooops!!! Last minute dash on saturday i think smile

ds 3.5yrs is getting a truck with about 4 or 6 eggs in the trailor. dd 14.5mths is getting a stuffed rabbit with a small egg.

i''''m baking a baby

Hunter is almost 1. for easter he is just getting a book and a teddy. mind u df has got "bub" a few eggs but happened to eat them as he thought chocs mite not be the best idea for the lil one. lol


Kids are 5 and 3. We got them an Easter Choc bunny and some small ones for the hunt. I dont go overboard at all cos family buy them way too much! DH and I usually end up eating some of it....

For our kids this year(5 and 4) I have bought them one toy each (prefer to spend money on something like this than loads of chocolate)

IN the way of chocolate they get one small bunny and one of those cadbury cartons with the dinosaur eggs in them.
I have bought a bag of small eggs for my kids (5 & 3) to hunt with their cousins (11 & 9), Annika a medium eggs which was bloody hard to find, and Dominik a normal choc egg.
I will be making some "special" eggs for the hunt as well, which will go into the plastic eggs that open for Annika.
Dominik will gobble any choc that he can find, but for Annika it's more about the finding lol, I really doubt she will like the taste of rice milk choc

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

DD is three, she is getting a pair of PJ's, clip on bunny ears and a 4 pack of animal egg cups with a chocolate egg in each

DD is 15 months and is getting a Spot my first Easter lift the flap book and a Disney Princess boxed set with a bowl, spoon, cup and chocolate egg. I think I might eat most of the egg and she can have a little taste ha ha.

DS is 2.5yrs and I brought him a small kinder suprise bunny and a new golden book, I'm not really keen on the idea of buying toys for Easter.

Just did my easter shopping today and it cost me $80! I had really cut back this year as well but it still cost a fair bit. However that $80 was for our 3 boys (13,11 and 2) and my 2 nieces and 4 nephews. Our older boys got a big box of favourites and a few smaller eggs and the little one got a abc kids bucket with a few eggs and marshmallow and he'll get a few smaller eggs on the side as well. I just made little bags for nieces nephews with a selection of eggs....
Our kids always end up with too many eggs - we've still got tonnes of their easter eggs from last year in the back fridge that will need to be thrown out now!

ok, i hope no one takes this the wrong way, cause i'm just curious but i have a question!

I don't understand the connection between eater and chocolate/easter bunny?
What does easter mean to the average aussie person?

The reason i ask is because i am greek orthodox and easter has a lot of tradition and meaning behind it. I get that the whole chocolate eagg thing was taken from other cultures but i don't know how the whole chocolate giving thing started or how the eater bunny came about?

Anyone care to explain?
I spent $10 all up for DD (3 years), DS (18 months), DH, Opa (My Dad) and I lol. Bought 2 of the $5 packs from Aldi and divided them up. Each one had a big bunny, a medium bunny, 4 small bunnies, 4 medium eggs and 4 small eggs. The kids are each getting 1 medium bunny, 1 little bunny, 1 medium egg and 1 small egg.

I am also not big in buying presents for easter but I am going to grab a dressing gown and some slippers for each of them.
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