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What will your family be eating today? Lock Rss

Well ladies i just had a double quarter pounder and it was goooood tongue we have always had fish for tea on good fri but the rest of the day we would have party pies, sausage rolls etc so yeah im not a religous person but we will have fish for din dins tonight smile
NOT red meat is what we will be eating today.

For brekky we started with smoked salmon, lunch was sandwiches and for me a salad, for dinner we are having a seafood green curry.
We will be having fish and chips tonight, as that is the way we were raised and also have not been eating red meat of a Friday during lent.

We're not religious here so we'll be having whatever I can find.. haven't thought about it yet...

we are not particularly religious but always have fish on good friday,I have prepared some tuna rissoles ( not sure how they will go down never made them before)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We are not religious at all and generally eat whatever we feel like on Good Friday, just as any other day BUT with everyone talking of fish, it sounded so yummy that the kids n I had fish n chips for lunch and enjoyed every bit of it smile

As kids we always had fish on good friday, but together decided as we are not religious, that it was not something we felt we had to continue.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

We will not be eating meat out of a family tradition which steamed from a religious one.
Some one asked about why only fish? from what i remember, lent is about giving up luxuries and red meat back in the day was a big luxury but fish was plentiful living next to the sea and all that jazz. In that sense it is a little funny that people ( me included) will go out and spend a small fortune on seafood when it is in fact a luxury that we are meant to be giving up

We are have some yummy fish, i think i got Bassa fillets, salads and chips for dinner.
Im not religious in the slightest, but my dad's family is, and it has been tradition in our family since i was born, so i plan on continuing on the tradition to DS.

we had lunch at the inlaws and had fish, and prawns prepared 2 different ways. yum.

We always have fish on good friday it was how i was riased. And until i left home we always had fish and chips for tea on friday nights. ( i spent them at my grandparents)

i''''m baking a baby

DF had chicken and I don't eat meat so no issue there! We actually forgot about not eating red meat on good friday, just worked out right! If we did remember though DF would still be having chicken, he's allergic to fish.

Hehe yeah, as with all things to do with religion it can get a bit convoluted Ness. Basically it was Christ saying that he gives the flesh and blood of his body over as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. In otherwords he gave up his mortal life and died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for all our sins. This is also why bread and wine is used in Holy Communion, the bread signifies the flesh of Christ and the wine signifies the blood and communion itself is taken to remember the sacrifice that he made when he died for the sins of man. I don't want to go into too much of a detailed theological lesson but I hope that makes sense LOL

ETA I think basically it's come to mean don't eat RED meat because it still has blood through it. Some people only eat fish, others will eat chicken because there is no blood. Originally it was probably supposed to mean don't eat flesh of anykind but as I said in my first reply, different aspects of ancient teachings/laws etc have been adopted and others have fallen by the way side probably out of convenience. It's hard to get everybody not to eat any meat at all so if you give them an option they are more likely to stick to it kind of deal, not sure how poor old fish drew the short straw though

Just wanted to clarify that in the Catholic faith when the bread and wine are consecrated in the Eucharist, they don't just symbolise the body and blood, they become them.

Catholics abstain from red meat on Good Friday (and every other Friday especially in Lent) because it is a solemn day and one of abstinence and fasting. Red meat was considered something special and so it is not eaten. If you don't eat meat on Good Friday for religious reasons then it you probably wouldn't have a seafood feast either. It is about going without to focus on the spiritual and in imitation of Christ.

I couldn't care less if people eat meat on Fridays but it annoys me when people ridicule those who don't. As for the argument of why be observant at Christmas and Easter if you aren't throughout the year- what business is it of anyone's? Faith is an intensely personal thing that many people can't even articulate so how can you make assumptions about a person's intentions. Each to their own....and I hope EVERYONE has a wonderful time.
I don't follow any religion and I never knew about eating red meat on Good Friday was a no-no until I was 20.
Still I eat whatever I feel like, be it fish, chicken, pork or any red meat.
I think it's important to realise that people have their own traditions and so what if you don't share them, it comes down to respect. Islams don't eat pork, my friends don't jump up and down because I eat it (I have alot of islamic friends) I do respect them enough not to eat it infront of them, offer it to them and cook it around them or their house, otherwise they have to wash everything 7 times with sand. I do the same if we were out on Good Friday, I eat white flesh and don't complain or make a big deal about it. So why not respect my beliefs/traditions too?

P.S. I had steak....

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