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Huggies barcode promotion!!! How many a year? Lock Rss

Im a new mum and since knowing about the VTECH toy promotion i will be saving my barcodes for future promotions. How many barcode promotions do huggies have a year? Its so great that they have these promotions.
i never gave any thought into saving barcodes either until the first promotion too. ever since i've saved the barcode off every huggies product i've bought. i'm not too concerned of having excess - since you never know when a promo will come along that you might want to go for. They pop up every now and then; just keep your eye out in the "promotions" section on this site.

have fun!

edit: also- there are heaps of huggies barcodes on ebay whenever there's a promotion like this going.....

I have noticed that they usually do 1 newborn/infant promo (ie. free canvas/newborn playshade with ONLY infant and newborn barcodes) and 1 other promo (with any barcodes) a year (ie play tents/art desk/vtech toys) They are usually around the feb/march time of the year.

If I were you I would seperate any newborn/infant barcodes you collect and only use them for the infant promo. iykwim... thats what I do

its here barcode promotion its a girls castle or a boys rocket lol starts march i think 2011 mellissa conomos
Hi all,

I have 6 barcodes and would love to get one for my son. Any chance someone could spot me for the remaining 4? unsure I hate to ask as I know everyone saves up for this time of the year.

Thanks in advance,

Ok, I'll try and buy up big on nappies :S Might just leave it this year.
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