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My son goes for his 4 year old needles tomorrow and I don't know whether to tell him before we're at the doctors or not. I'm worried if I tell him today and talk about it with him it will play on his mind all day and night. I feel bad just turning up at the docs and then telling him he has to have a needle. But I can't decide what's best. Any help?

i would wait till tomorrow morning i think. but im not too sure, lol!

im already thinking about when DD goes for hers in September (4yo ones) i have never taken any of my kids for any of their needles (i have a bad phobia of needles, and have a tendacy to pass out upon sight of one lol) but im thinking im gonna have to be the one to take her in, cos she will know and understand this time, and will want me to hold her hand!

maybe if u did mention it today, u could make a lil game of it. tell him whats gonna happen, and say it should oly hurt this muc, and do a very slight lil pinch! and then tickle him or something.

maybe tell him afterwards you can go for an ice cream/play in the park/something he enjoys for being so brave?

i will be getting soem emla cream from the chemist before hand so the area is numb for DD, so their shouldnt be much pain, if nay at all, and wil keep her distracted so she cant see it (and so i cant see it) maybe close her eyes and *** to ten slowly!

I know it's probably a bit late as you're going to the Dr's today but my GP actually recommended I take my DS to a local health centre 'needle day' to get his 4yr old needles because although they're generally a little less gentle then he is, he said that a lot of 4yr olds develop a fear of going to the Dr's after that needle and it can put really scare them about going to the Dr's for months afterwards.

Good luck, I hope it all goes well today!

Please tell him before going to the doctor that he is having a needle. I talked to the nurse at our doctors and said children that have been told in advance do better than children that are told just before some are not told until the needle comes out and this makes it much harder for the nurse given the injection. I always offer a treat after the needle. I say you will be going to the doctor to have a needle but if your are brave you can have a treat after (usually a ice cream or lolly) and I have no problem or tears at all.

I know this is a little late But.

My daughter just had her 4 year old needles at the beginning of March. She had been to the doctors with us when we have had blood tests etc and also when her twin brothers got needles. So we explained it to her that for her birthday that Dr Karen was going to give her needles for a birthday present. When she woke up the day of her birthday she wanted to go and get them. The doctor was on holidays. So explained that we would go next week. She was so excited and when it came to having the needle she was great. Doctor was very surprised as she didn't even cry. I think she wanted to but then she asked can I have McDonalds for dinner for being so good. Of cause the answer was yes. She was a little trooper and we have always explained what is going to happen and be open with her. We did tell her that it would hurt.

Good luck Hope that all went well.


I would definitely tell him beforehand, even if its just the morning of the needles but give warming, personally I think its cruel to drop it on them at the DRs.

With DS I told him beforehand, had a packet of smarties waiting for when he finished and took him to the park for lunch.

DD1 is having hers on Friday I will do the same
Thanks everyone. I think I will tell him tomorrow morning. The appointment is at 11.30am so it give us plenty of time to talk about it.

We told our DD a couple days before and talked about it so that she was aware of what was going to happen. She dislikes doctors and all things associated with them as she has had them poke and prod her all her life due to various health issues.

We also took her to a Health Centre rather than the doctors so that she wouldn't associate the needles with the doctors surgery next time we had to go back there.

We were completely honest with her and told her exactly what was going to happen. That she would get needles in each arm and that it would hurt, but only for a few seconds. We also explained why she had to get the needles and that it was so she didn't get sick. She seemed to understand.

She blew us away and didn't even flinch or cry when she had her needles so we knew we had done the right thing by talking about it with her and being completely honest. Brave girl!

It was quite funny when we arrived cos the lady on reception whispered to my DH "So she's here for her immunisations?" DD overheard and piped up with "Yes, I am. We call them needles though. But it'll only hurt for a few seconds." Bless her! smile

Oh God ........ lol lol lol ....Luke has to have his at the end of the month and I am already dredding it !! is times like this I wish I would subscribe to the non-imunising camp !! lol lol lol lol

He has been with me when Grace has had all of hers so he understands what it is all about and good thing she is a trooper and diddnt cry much ...but holy hell it is going to be a job getting him to sit still ...think daddy might have to come with us !! lol lol

And yeah ....I would be telling him before hand if I were you !! ...god let me know how you go ??? best of luck !! xoxo

I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago and we ended up telling her about it. She told me she didn't want to cos it would hurt. I just told her yes, it will pinch a little bit but then it will be all over and she'll be fine. We went and the nurse told her if it hurts she can cry and scream as much as she wants, just don't move. SO the poor little thing screamed the place down sad, but she was okay. I asked would she like to go to get a treat or some new fish for her fish tank. 2 new fish later and all was forgotten smile
I don't know sad my DS1 won't be having his until the end of the year, but he is sick and requires lots of blood tests. His blood is monitored frequently and he has to have other tests as well; he is traumatised and if I tell him we're going to the doctor, the first thing he asks is 'will it be a needle doctor?' If I tell him yes, we have hysterics and it makes for a terrible ordeal. He's just had too many of them and it's been such a difficult time for him. It will remain this way for at least the next year, maybe longer if things aren't ok by then. Hopefully he won't even notice the immunisations!
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