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hi my little man is in a hip brace for one of his hips. he has to wear it 24/7 and we cannot even give him a bath. he has had it on for over a month now. not happy. hopefully we cn tyake it of soon so we can cuddle hime without straps and buckles digging in
Oh the poor little guy, I bet he is itching to get it off.

I hope it comes off very soon for you all so you can have many cuddles skin on skin.

My wee girl had scan last night and she will have to wear a brace. Dont know for how long yet.
If you have any advice would be great smile
Hey girls... don't know what advice you are after but my little girl was in a hip brace from 11mths old, she learnt to roll, crawl and was just starting to walk in it when she got it off.... we were allowed to take it off for a wuick bath each night though but that was it..... any questions please ask.... there is another mum, Katrina on here whose DD is in a brace at the moment too, I am sure she would be happy to help as well
Timing! lol! I just logged in smile

DD2 is 10months and is in the Rhino for 5 more weeks but we can take it off whenever. 'Take it off for baths, cuddles and generally when she's doing nothing leave it on' were her Drs words. Her hip is in the normal range so all fixed (cross fingers) but it was tricky in the beginning so he's being extra careful.
She was in the Rhino at 4 months for 6 weeks 24/7, then another 6 weeks and we could take it off for baths and that was it. That stopped working so she went in the Spica Cast for 3 months. Now that's off and we're back in the brace smile

DD2 can roll in it well. She could at about 6 months as well before the Spica went on. She won't walk or crawl in it because her knees have been bent and her legs high for over 6 months. She's only just realised she can straighten them when we stand her on the ground and having her legs under her in the crawling position hurts her still.

How old are you kids, Jo_Troy and lollygirl69?
What is actually wrong with the hip? Is the leg slipping or dislocating?

Did you want tips on ways to make sleeping more comfortable etc?

I'll help any way I can. It's tough and every time you pick up your child you just want to feel them all squishy tongue

Hi Ladies,
While I am not yet a Mum, (I am currently 32w+3d pregnant) I had congential dislocation of the hips (also known as clicky hips) as a baby. My Mum said they never used to check for it when I born (back in 1983) and they picked it up when I was 2 years old. I dont think the braces were around then, because I had to have 2 operations to correct it. The first one, when I was 2 years old and the second one when I was 5 years old. I have had no ill effects from the operations and have danced and played sport all my life.

My sister was lucky and didnt have clicky hips, but my brother had them. He went into double nappies for a few weeks until the brace arrived and then he wore the brace. I think he only wore it for a few months and it correct the problem.

We will be making sure our baby gets checked out thoroughly when its born. The midwife at the ante natal clinic has suggested an ultrasound to check the babies hips when its born. That way of our baby does have clicky hips it can be managed early on.

Hope everything works out for your baby. I am sure the brace will fix the problem, but even if it doesnt, I am walking proof that the operation works.

Take care

I'm glad your hips are fine!! That's a relief to hear that you can play sport etc too. I was worried about that. They're saying she'll get early arthritis (around 18-20yrs) and need a hip replacement so i'm upset by that too. It's good to hear positive outcomes! Congratulations smile

They've changed the name from congenital to developmental dysplasia of the hip because they've acknowledged that during the course of their development it can appear. DD2's wasn't apparent until around 2-3months but it was only a slight click and her leg was only slipping slightly. By the time she was diagnosed properly at 4months the click was a loud thunk and her leg was completely dislocating. Keep on it smile DD2 had no problems at birth and hers has been quite tricky to correct sad We still have no idea why the brace stopped working the first time she had it.

Depending on the childs age the brace's etc might not work. It's not so easy to manipulate the bones/joints etc of an older child. That may have been why you needed the ops sad DD1 had to be checked and if she had it she would have needed surgery given her age. So important to catch it when they're little.
I'm so glad you're ok! It really makes me feel happy! Thank you!

hi my little man is in a hip brace for one of his hips. he has to wear it 24/7 and we cannot even give him a bath. he has had it on for over a month now. not happy. hopefully we cn tyake it of soon so we can cuddle hime without straps and buckles digging in

hey there,my dd is 5 weeks old & has been in a pavlic harness for 4 weeks now as she has a displayced right hip. our latest ultrasound showed excellent results so fingers crossed only another 6 weeks & it's gone! i know how you feel about wanting to cuddle them all squishy-squashy...
Hey! Two of my daughters had dislocated hips, as well as myself! My hips were never properly corrected and as a result I have arthritis in my hips which can be painful at times. I have been told that when I am older I will probably need some kind of operation to graft cartilige in my hip sockets to round them out as they are pretty much flat. My daughters both had open reductions and plaster, then a brace - one had the brace for 1 year, the other had it for 6 weeks. I have been told that, as long as my children get regular checks (yearly) until they are in their teens - around 15 - and the hips problems don't recur, as they can sometimes do, then they will have no ill-effects, which means there will be no arthritis for them, which was my main concern. So if your child has been treated in a timely manner, there probably wouldn't have been enough time for arthritis to develop yet. My children learned to roll, walk and crawl with their braces on, so it didn't stop them for long at all! If anyone would like any questions answered, I would be happy to help!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

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