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test for opportunity class years 5 and 6 Rss

Our boys go to a small school ( 3 classes in the whole school) with 3 teachers + principal.The 2 older ones have been complaining that the work is too easy.Up to now, I have been quite happy with the school and that they have been giving extra or extension work but towards the end of last term, while I was at the school for a p&c meeting I saw Brad and others in his class sitting outside playing with blocks and things as they had completed their work.The principal walked past at the same time and asked the kids why they were out of class, the answer was thst they had completed the work so the teacher sent them outside to 'play'. The principal commented that he would given them more work!I am not sure if Blake's homework is indicative of his class work but some of his maths homework was 1+ 5=? 2+ 8=? but in year 3 that imo is way too easy.I will check what he gets this week and if its ridiculously easy I will say something.Brad has agreed to sit the test for the o.c class at a nearby school for yrs 5 and 6.He is quite bright and if he is bright enough the be selected,I feel it will do him the world of good.His cousin attends the o.c class there currently (yr6) and her parents rave about it.Brad's main concern was that he would not have the chance to be school captain if he moved school as no one would know him.He also did not want to miss out on school camp.He was supposed to go this year too but due to lack of numbers it was cancelled.The o.c class has a camp for all the kids so that made him feel like doing the test.I think if he sits the test and is selected he can always decline if he is not certain about changing schools and if he did that the current school would be more likely to'push' him along too.Anyway, sorry about the essay, its just a bit confusing.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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