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my tv is on all day everyday (the kids dont just sit there adn watch it all day tho just watch the shows they feel like then toddle off outside or to their rooms. my washing up is hardly ever done, i smack sometime with out even counting to 3! and in the last week both of my kids have learnt to say bugger off, but they say it like bug off which when they are crying and angry comes out as f off sad that wasnt me that was mil tho i still feel bad that it makes me look like a bad mum when they say it in the shops etc

- When DD1 wakes up I put on a DVD of her choice and give her a non spill sports bottle of soy milk while I feed DD2 (they tend to wake at the same time). She generally doesn't have breakfast for an hour or so after this.

- My house is generally untidy during the week as when I get home from uni or work i'm often too tired/ busy to clean.

- DD1 often has yogurt for dinner.

- DD1 (3 years) still has a night nappy as she sleeps with a non spill sports bottle filled with water in a BABY hammock (she is well within the weight limit).
The TV is on from the moment we get up til the moment we go to bed...when DP's not here, I find its sort of company...especially if I can hear adult voices...and yes Jimmy Giggle does count!

We often have jarmie days, especially when its cold.

I've given the kids 'breakfast' for dinner - cereal or toast.

Erin (19mths) still has a night bottle most nights.

Both kids get locked in their rooms at about 4.30 every afternoon, as it is lunatic hour, they run around like a pair of chooks with their heads cut off and if I don't separate them Erin ends up getting hurt.

Both my kids are sweet tooth chocolate lovers who eat too much chocolate.

I tend to do a frenzied tidy up when DP is on his way home from work, but most of the rest of the time the house looks like a bomb's hit.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

the only real confession i have is that the tv is on from the time she gets up til the time she goes to bed but she doesnt watch it all day, we read books and colour in and play playdough etc but the tv is always on lol.
I do buy her a book every time we do the groceries but i dont think thats a confession as she NEVER plays up either way and even though it has been the norm she doesnt expect it and always gets excited to get a new book smile

The TV is on from the moment we get up til the moment we go to bed...when DP's not here, I find its sort of company...especially if I can hear adult voices...and yes Jimmy Giggle does count!

I have the biggest crush on Jimmy Giggle! LOL! Micah watches it for Hoot, I watch it for Jimmy wink

I confess that I love school days. We are moving directly opposite the school soon, and a friend suggested I let the boys come home for lunch - I was horrified lol.

I look forward to the kids' bedtime.

My kids rarely have a shower on Saturday evenings - wash faces and brush teeth is as good as it gets.

I forgot to pay my voluntary contribution at my sons' school the year before last - I always felt guilty for that, then we moved so I never got round to it, oops. Now I pay 4 times that per month lol lol.

ETA that I think the sloth's voice from that Big World show is super sexy lmao.
yep i probably let DS watch a little too much tv so i can pop on here for a little while...oops!!!

and he still has a bottle at bedtime too, but i don't think there is anything wrong with that one, he likes it and it helps him get ready to get into bed.

Same as PP's we have the TV on all day and it's a godsend. Also DD refuses to eat meat or vegies and very rarely eats fruit so if she'll eat a piece of bread and some cheese or yoghurt for dinner then that's what she gets. She also refuses to drink water 95% of the time so instead I give her that v8 vegie juice which makes me feel a little better about her not having water. We also have lot's of pyjama days especially now that DS is here.

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

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