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I feel like a big cry Lock Rss

DP and I had a stupid fight last night over a stupid misunderstanding, which got blown way out of proportion because we where both tired after long busy days at work and we are both are getting over glandular fever.
Well DP cracked it and slept on the couch, I hate going to bed angry so I went to try and apologise and got told to f*** off.
I had to leave early this morning to take the kids to day care so I could take my nan shopping and he dose not finish work til 8pm tonight.
I rang him to see if he could home for lunch but he is too busy, I just want a hug sad

Aw, I know that feeling! It's the pits. GBH for you & hoping that you get the chance to sort it out really soon xx

Oh Honey GB (squeezy) H !!!!

It always sucks when you're fighting

Hope you can work it out tonight.

Sending you a gbh. I sure when you DP comes home and you both talk about it everything will be better.

Its sucks having to spend the day stewing over a stupid fight! It just goes over and over in your head all day!

Try not to think about it too much - just think about all of the nice things you can say and do when he gets home tonight wink

GBH. My DP and I have petty little fights that blow out of proportion all the time due to lack of sleep so I know how you feel. Hopefully after having a day to think about it and calm down you guys will sort it all out tonight!

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

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