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  5. Woohoo!!! We're SO going to Metallica...

Woohoo!!! We're SO going to Metallica... Lock Rss

Bought our tickets today - ones for Adelaide and also for Melbourne..
Can't wait..
DH is going to be so annoying for the next few months with the count down though <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Argh! Can't believe we're going to see TWO awesome shows!!!

Just had to share tongue

im a bit jealous. i went to their one in 97....cant believe its been nearly 13 years!!

How and where did you buy the tickets from?? Also how much??? Please let me know ASAP

tycusjay - Yeah I went and saw them for that tour too.. Haven't seen them since (I didn't go to the Big Day Out when they were here for that) so yes, it's been a VERY long time!!

Mummy's baby ella - DH and I are MetClub members, so we got pre-pre-sale tickets! lol

Go to Ticketek and you'll find the info there for the tickets. Are you a member with them? If you're one of their Visa members or whatever, you should be eligible to get pre-sale tickets....

I was wondering when the tickets go on sale! My partner is a huge fan of Metallica. But he's working that day, so he'll have to get that day off!
Ive been looking at the site all day, all i can see is Visa pre sale Friday! Im hoping i get them for my DH otherwise i wont hear the end of it.. How much were tickets do you know? I couldnt even get that info.. im after adelaide tickets.
I am trying to buy tickets for DH for the Melbourne show. Jenna J - how much did you pay?
how much are the tickets??

From what i understand, the tickets arent on sale at the moment. Pre Sale start on friday. You CAN get tickets right now, but you have to pay for a membership on the metallica website. I am contemplating this, so i can get tickets, but looking at their dates, they are here for nearly 2 weeks, so im presuming they might add some more shows for Perth.
Id like to know too, how much tickets are smile

ETA im a member of ticketek and i cant buy them online
Oh lucky!!!

They are only having one show in NZ. We were going to go but we dont have a babysitter we trust, accommodation costs, travel costs it would end up costing us over $1000 & thats not including tickets. So we made the hard decision that that money would be better spent of baby stuff since we are TTC another one lol.

But im so jeaslous i love metallica!!
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