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Would it bother you if you had all Boys all girls?? Rss

I was 17 when I had my first and I didn't want a baby at all, LOL. But at my scan they told me it was a girl and I kinda began to like the idea, a little minime to have fun with and all that stuff........Fast forward and when I had my little 'girl' she had grown some extra bits laugh I was upset for all of five minutes and then got over it.

However it did start a yearning within me to have a little girl, I felt like I had all these dreams for my little girl and they were gone. When our next two were boys I was fine with it, I came to love a good Lego set and watching Star Wars movies, but I still wanted my princess.

We decided to try for just one more, and we used the Shettles theory. It worked and we got our Miss T. I love her to pieces, but I have to say I am glad I have three boys, one girl and not the other way around, because she is honestly as much work as all the boys rolled into one.

I am glad I will have someone to share all those mother daughter things with now, and I think it's made even more special by the fact that she is our only daughter.
i never care what the sex is. for us as long as bub is healthy is the main thing. The simlple fact we have fallen pregnant 3 time with out help is enough after being told in no uncertain terms it would never happen

i''''m baking a baby

We have two girls. I think dh wouldn't mind a boy but me i am totally happy with just the 2 girls. If we had 2 boys it may be a different story. I want to be there with MY daughters on the morning of their wedding, i want to be in the delivery suite with them (if they want me there, they better lol), be the first to know that dd is pregnant ect. I know there are people that have an awesome relationship with mil but i still have always wanted girls so i could experience this with them make sense?? I know people who have had very little involvement in these situations because they have all boys and they are just the mil to these wives make sense?
we always said 2 kids so whatever gender they were, there was no trying for a third. i guess we are lucky because we have one of each and like MumtoRONJAM said, my family feels complete, there is nothing missing.

i think i could have happily had 2 boys but i dont know how i would have felt about 2 girls, just thinking of having 2 girls stresses me out.
I was soooooo glad that we have girl then boy then girl.
It's perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.

I think I'd be quite disappointed if we had all of one gender.. I would've also been quite... upset I guess, if DD2 had've been a boy..
I love my Torbenator too much to share him with another male sibling (plus I don't think I could handle two boisterous boys!), but having the two girls is ok..
I think maybe coz I always wanted a sister, so I wanted that for DD1.

Plus I have two nephews from my brother already.

DD will always be our (and my parents') first princess, DS has that special spot in our family of being the only boy and DD2 will always be our littlest baby - so this way they all have their place IYKWIM, and it feels so right..

I am currently preg with our 3rd lil princess, DF always wanted it this way, i always said i did 2, but when they said girl i was happy but in a way kinda thought i would of liked to expiriance having a boy. this is my last baby and i love that i have girls but then again ask me when there teenages. lol

i have three DDs and couldnt imagine it any other way. I must admit though when i found out DD3 was a girl i was a bit upset thinking i was never going to get to experience having a boy....and there were no boys to carry on DH family name....and this is definately our last bubba.

DD3 has been so sick since she was born 6 weeks ago that i am just thankful everyday that she is still here. Really helps me to appreciate how lucky i am regardless of gender.

I love my princesses but will always feel as if something is missing.

I'm content with my 3 little girls.

However, as above - I had 3 girls in 3 years, and the teenage years are a scary thought!!!

do you want to swap?(I had 3 boys in 2.5 yrs)
which will be 'worse' 3 teenage boys or 3 teenage girls?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have 4 girls and both DH and I are very happy. They are the best of friends which I hope will continue into adult life. Although, I would have liked a boy I am just happy to be blessed with 4 healthy kids. Plus i have been watching friends boys and how they play and think I will have my little princesses any day.

But yes 4 teenage girls is a scary thought!!!

i have a little boy

i want another little boy smile

ill share my friends little girls but i dont really want my own smile

(i was a HORRIBLE child... guess im afraid my parents will get revenge in the form of a daughter for me!!)
DH and I WANTED all boys.

I have never felt the yearning for a girl but, the yearning for 2 boys was so strong for me that it hurt!
I always thought having 3 girls would be perfect - my idea of a dream family! I imagined them to be really close and always have each other.
I think because I never had a sister and always wanted one, i wanted that for my kids.

I had girl, boy and girl and I love that there is a boy in there to mix it up a bit lol I don't think it really matters whether they have the bun or the sausage, you would love them just as much.

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