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Happy 6th birthday to my hero.... Rss

HUgs and kisses to a special little boy-playing with the angels. Thinking of you and your family tomorrow Jess.
Happy Birthday to a special little hero! I can't even begin to imagine how hard tomorrow will be for your whole family Jess, I'll be thinking of you all.......As will many I'm sure.

GBH xx
I hope that you and your family are all ok tomorrow. It's very hard having a close family members birthday without them there, i can only imagine how heartbreaking and difficult it will be for you without your gorgeous little man tomorrow.

I hope that your little man has a wonderful birthday and am sending you great big hugs x
Happy Birthday Luke.

Jess, I can't even begin to imagine for a second how difficult today will be for you or your family to get through without your little man. Sending you all my love.

Dee xx
Jess Big Big hugs... I really don't know what the right words are to say... except I will be thinking of you and your family all day today... massive hugs and love coming your way... I think I'm speaking from every Huggies member... we are all thinking of you...

Happy 6th Birthday little Luke!!

Happy 6th birthday to a very special boy. Wishing you and your family so much love today Jess, I know we are all here and all thinking of you. Sending you a hug xxxxx
Happy 6th birthday little dude.

My thoughts are with you. ((GBH)) to you and your family.

I just want you to know that your special little man and your story has touched everyone of us and we all keep you in our thoughts.

Happy Birthday to a very special boy.

He will be zipping around on his "bike with gears" having loads of fun.

You will all be in our thoughts today.

Happy Birthday, Luke.

You and your family are in my thoughts, Jess. xoxo
Happy Birthday to Luke

Thinking of you and your family today Jess ((GBH))
Happy birthday to a brave and AMAZING little boy.
My thought are with you all. xxx
Happy 6th Birthday Luke. Thinking of you all today.
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