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Happy 6th birthday to my hero.... Rss

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE! Hope you have a great time going in the truck with the trucking Angels.

GBH Jess. I think if you are up to it then give the cake a go, Luke would probably want you to and it would be a great way to remember him.

Happy 6th Birthday Luke........ please look after your Mummy today!

A little boy lost too soon - forever young

((hugs)) to you Jess and your family

Happy 6th Birthday Little Lukey
Thinking of you and your family today...

We've made small donation in memory of Luke today to Heart Kids Australia... the link is here is anyone would like to donate too...
Heart Kids donations
Happy Birthday Luke!

I don't know you Jess but, every time I read your posts about your beautiful Luke, the tears stream down my face and I am completely lost for words. You are very much in my thoughts today.

Thank you for the link Ricki - what a beautiful thought.
Happy birthday Luke,

you will never know how many peoples hearts you touched. Even those of strangers who only know you through your beautiful mummies words and memories.
Fly high with the angels today.

Jess you and your family are in my thoughts today. I can't imagine how hard today will be for you all. I hope it briings you some comfort knowing how much we all care.


i''''m baking a baby

Happy 6th Birthday to a special little man missed by many, many people. Sending you lots of love Jess and family, we are thinking of you, especially today. Biggest Hugs. xxx

Dear Luke.... Today i remember you with much happiness and celebrate the short time you had on this earth... Obviously you couldn't have chosen a better earth family to spend your time with.. Today I see you with many colourful balloons and rainbows and a shower of colourful sparkles..kind of like a downpour of skittles lollies!! I wish you the best magical birthday today..Fly free little bird and enjoy it all.... Yvette xoxoxox

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

Happy birthday Luke. Sending your family comfort on a day that should have been so joyous. ((Hugs)) sweetheart xoxoxo

Happy Birthday to a very special little man. I hope you have a magical day little Luke. Those colourful balloons sound like great fun. Run & smile and feel the love from everyone who is thinking of you. My thoughts are with you and your family today Jess. Love Kathy xoxoxo

Happy Birthday to a special little man. We have sent a Birthday balloon up to you from here in Queensland.

GBH jess for today, you will be in my thoughts
Happy 6th Birthday Luke!! xox

Fly high and free little man.

((GBH)) Jess and family....we're all thinking of you today.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

happy birthday little dude!!
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