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Sooooooo who else is going? Lock Rss

To the "greatest band in the world" concert? Im talking about Metallica grin

I sat on ticketek for an hour trying to get tickets, but in the end, i got them! I am so stoked! They are here on my birthday, so its going to be the BEST birthday EVER!!! smile I can NOT wait!!!

The countdown is officially on! WOOOOO!

Who else got lucky with tickets?
DH and I are soooooo going!!
Got our tix the other day (we're Metclub members so we got a pre-pre-sale).
We're going here in Adelaide then we're heading over to Melbourne to see them there as well smile

Can't friggin wait!

DH almost dirtied his knickers when he found out about it all!! lolol

Im not going but i did get my DH and his friend standing tickets for the adelaide concert today! Was so stressful getting them the site kept stuffing up.. I know more tickets are coming out but i wanted them now so he knows he has them.. So happy he does now. Now all hes hoping for are that Fear Factory are the support act like they are in America, but doubt it since they were just here for BDO
Agh i wish!! So envious of all who are going sad

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