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Dummys! Lock Rss

For those of you who have had/ have children with a dummy, at what age did you get rid of it and how did you do so??

I'm curious as DD had her first dentist appointment today, they were very very happy with her teeth and suggested we get rid of her dummy (she only has it for bedtimes, no other time, ever) once her 2yo molars are through as she has a slight overbite.

I said to DF that we should try her tonight without it, she has had it for sleeps since a newborn so I was expecting a major meltdown as we tried when she was younger and all she did was cry her little heart out. Guess what she did tonight...

She went straight to sleep!!!

I think it may be easier for her now because she has her security 'things' her Teddy and Pillow, both of which she loves to death.

I was like WOW! I'm hoping tomorrow during her day sleep she does the same, But I think it may be the opposite. Anyway just thought I would share and see how you all got on/did it with your kids who have/have had dummys smile

Wish me luck with it!

Well done to your lil girl for making the first night easy!

my ds was 2 and also was just having it for sleeps. we went away for the weekend and my mil didnt relise we had packed a dummy and her never asked for one so when we got home we collected them all and tossed them out! have never looked back!
Having said that my ds is a terrible sleeper and I still need to be in his room until he is about to drift off but thats a whole other issue.

Goodluck and I hope it goes as easy as tonight did smile

Good to hear it was easy for you smile It's funny how you 'think' they need it and wont sleep without it etc but as soon as you try or they don't have it and they sleep fine you wonder why you didn't attempt to ditch it sooner!!

Both of mine rejected the dummy at 3 months but DD1 still has a non spill drink bottle of water that she takes to bed which i'll have to get rid of soon :S (she is 3). Good luck getting rid of it!
DD spat the dummy at 3months. A few times i have tryed to give it to her when she's in pain with her ears, etc, but she has rejected it. So no luck of DD ever taking up the dummy again. But DD was very fussy with her dummy, she only liked a certain type and they are very hard to come across now so i'm happy there too.

Sydneys_mummy - Best of luck with DD. Hope she can survive without the dummy.

Noah is 18 months and still has a dummy. He only has it when tired/hurt sick etc. If he starts to get tired and no dumy is near by he sucks his thumb. I much prefer the dummy than the thumb!
DD only ever had her dummy at sleep times. She would keep it in her mouth until she was almost asleep and then she would spit it out.
Just before she was 11 months we stopped offering it to her and had no problems at all.. Good Luck!!

Good to hear it was easy for you smile It's funny how you 'think' they need it and wont sleep without it etc but as soon as you try or they don't have it and they sleep fine you wonder why you didn't attempt to ditch it sooner!!

i agree. our routine for bed was to put his singing frog on, give him his sleepy teddy and pop his dummy in his mouth. we just did it for him, he never asked for it. so one day, it was just after he turned 2, after realising that he never asks for it we just give it to him as his routine, i decided not to pop it in his mouth and that was it. he hasnt asked for it since.

dd may be a different kettle of fish as her dummies are her comforters. she has about 7 at the moment and will have one in her mouth, and one in each hand when she goes to bed. she doesnt have a blanky or a teddy, just the dummies. she gets quite unsettled if she cant find one to hold in her hand during the night. when i get her up from her naps, she has all of them squished into her hands. i think we will have a hard time with her when the time comes. hopefully she will come to love a teddy or doll...
We got rid of DD's when she was three - it was kinda the last one we had and she accidentally had a little throw up on it, so I threw it straight in the bin and told her it had made her sick!!
She wasn't happy for the first week I reckon, and would occasionally ask for it a couple of weeks later, but got over it ok..

Good luck - hope it keeps on going smoothly!

I feel like a terrible mother, DD1 was over 3.5!!!!! BUT she was very very attached, she screamed the entire house down til she vomited if she didn't have it, She wnated a new top and I told her if she gave up the dummy the dummy fairies might drop it off and it worked!!!! LOL

I think DD 2 might be easier as she doesn't get as worked up if she doesn't have though she does ask for it at times, she is prone to croup and I stress about getting it off her
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