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I was bathing my DS 2 nights ago and noticed his foreskin was quite red. I asked if it was sore and he said no. I had a quick look when i dressed him and its just the dangly part lol im useless at this as my DF has had the snip so never dealt with skin before LOL!!!

We are both unsure when to take him to the DR? He baths everyday and is quite a clean kid.

It s a little less red then on Thursday so just wondering how i would know if it needs a Dr?? Maybe i should take him today just to get it checked??

Sorry this may seem so stupid but like i said im new to all this!
i would take him to the dr just to be on the safe side. do you have any bepanthon you could put on it. i find that helps a lot with redness no matter where it is on your body.
If you're concerned about it, a trip to the Dr won't hurt anyone. My DS's foreskin is generally a little red compared to the rest of it, but if it's 'quite' red I would be checking it out. The fact he says it's not sore is a good sign though.
ds had a red tip when he was 2. also it must of been a little inflamed or something, as his tip had started to open.

dr said he had thrush, prescribed a antifungal cream. which got rid of the thrush, but his foreskin never closed right up again. which is fine now, hes nearly 4 anyway and has started to clean under his foreskin.

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