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whats yours, and father of your kids. what colour do they have.

i have read about the recessive gene, but no idea what it means. so still puzzled how my baby has blue eyes, and her brother has brown, i have brown and their dad has brown sad i wanted her to have brown, so she might look a little like me. but no, she looks nothing like me. not fair.

what are the chances of this. just curious

firstly how old is your DD? mine is 21months and her eyes were blue and have just changed to green.

to your original question
i have blue eyes
DS has very dark brown eyes
his father has very dark brown eyes

dd had blue but have just changed to green
her father has greeney/brown eyes

my eyes are green. all my family (mum dad brother) are blue
my dH eyes are brown . all his family brown

DS eyes are brown smile
So I'll have a go at explaining this hope you don't get too lost!

Every gets 2 genes for eye colour, one from mum & one from dad

BROWN is dominate = only need 1 to have brown eyes
BLUE is recessive = need 2 to get blue eyes.

So you and your DH must have a Brown and a Blue gene and BOTH gave her a Blue gene.


ME = brown, DH = blue

we only have brown eyed children. Both my mother and father have brown and from there parents only 1 of the 4 has blue. So odds are that I have 2 brown genes so will always have brown eyed children. BUT I could have Blue eyed grandchildren because my DH gave them a blue eyed gene
This is a pretty good explanation

DP has blue eyes. His dad has blue eyes and his mum has kinda hazely eyes.

DD1 was born with bright blue eyes. Her eyes have now changed and are more grey/hazel like mine.

DD2 was born with bright blue eyes and this has not changed. Her eyes are basically her daddy's.

My dad has brown eyes, my mum has kinda brown/hazel eyes. My sister and brother both have brown eyes, and I have these grey/blue/hazel eyes.
yes, i get it now. my mum has blue or green eye colour, a mix anyway. and i think my dad has brown.

very interesting.

dd is 1 next week. so i just assume her eyes will stay blue. ds were brown by 5m.

I have blue green eyes, DH has brown green eyes & DS has the most beautiful bright blue eyes I've seen!! Lucky little bugger!! LOL

I used to love genetics while I was studying nursing, so I know a little bit about it. Still do, but just not taken it anywhere! Apparently it's kind of old school now to think of genes are recessive & dominant. It's what scientist used to believe happened, but apparently now they believe it's to do with the gene pool in general which is why 2 brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child & why red hair doesn't show up until generations later! This is obviously really simple terms, but everybody basically gets a bit of everybody & those bits that you have most of is the bits that you'll have......that make sense!!

DD1's eyes didn't really start changing till well after her 1st birthday. That still have the base blue/grey colour, so maybe it's different? I don't know. But I would think that if they were going to be brown they would definitely have changed by the first birthday.
I Love Brown eyes.. and purposely married a man with brown eyes... stupid I know!! But I am not attracted to blue eyed men and I never wanted my kids having blue eyes... but I cant play god cause they all ended up with blue eyes... hubby has brown and I have blue.

Dp & all his family have Brown.

I have hazel, my dad blue, mum brown, brother grey

DD has hazel like me
Yep blue is recessive to brown smile Eg Brown eyes is BB and blue eyes is bb. Bb will show up brown as a big B is dominant. You and your DD's dad both must be a Bb. The possible combos for your kids to get are BB, Bb, Bb or bb, so for you DD to have bb and show blue eyes she only had a one in four chance of getting that!

I was the opposite to you though. Both DH and I have bluey/grey/green eyes that are nothing startling LOL

FIL, SIL and my sister all have sparkling blue blue eyes that are stunning. I was hoping my kids would score bright blue eyes like them and not boring eyes like us LOL And both managed to!
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