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I have dark brown eyes and DH has bright blue eyes.
My dad has brown eyes and mum has hazel.
Not too sure on DH's parents - I think his mum and dad both have blue..

My three were born with really dark blue - almost grey - eyes, DD's have gradually changed so now she has green eyes with brown flecks all through and a really dark ring around.
DS's are still changing - they stayed blue for ages but for the past year or so they've been getting gradually more brown - they're kind blue around the iris and brown around that IYKWIM.

DD2 is still too little to know what she's going to have... But I'm very interested to find out!

Hubby are blue/green, Mine are brown and bubs are blue/green like his daddy.

i know the genetic stuff and its sposed to be foolproof but i know people where both parents have brown eyes and both their kids have blue eyes... so much for the recessive thing!!
ME = Blue
DH = Dark Brown

DS1 = Dark Brown
DS2 = Hazely Brown
DS3 = Blue
DD = Blue
DS4 = Blue so far - he is 16 weeks
DH - green/hazle
Me - grey/blue
DD (2.5) - Blue.

My Dad - Brown
My Mum - grey/blue.
Sister #2 - grey/blue

Sister #1 actually has two different coloured eye. One eye is brown like my dad's and one eye is the grey/blue like my mum's. It is a genetic trait in my family line although it tends to skip a generation so one of my grandkid's generation will possibly have two different coloured eyes too. The funny thing is that until you mention it to people they don't notice, even though there is a DISTINCT difference in colour, but as soon as you mention it they sit there going 'how have I never noticed that before' smile

Me = Brown
DH = Bluey/Green

DD1 = Brown
DD2 = Brown with hazel hint to them

Me - Blue
DH- Dark Brown ( he is half chinese)

DD1- Black at Birth then to Blue but by 2.5 they were green
DD2 - Bright Blue

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

i have brown eyes.
DH has green/grey eyes.
DS has green/grey eyes, and they have been that colour since birth (although they were a slightly different shade and seem to be getting closer to DH's as he gets older.

i was very surprised that DS didn't have brown eyes, because from what i remember from human biology in school i thought brown eyes were dominant, so expected DS to have brown eyes like me. i guess it doesn't work that way all the time.

hubby and all of his family have got the most beautiful green eyes ..

My family are irish so most have blue eyes except for my mum ,my brother and I ..we all have brown eyes !

Luke looks exactly like his dad except he has my eyes (the most beautiful big brown eyes you have ever seen ..his not mine !! lol lol )

Grace looks like me but has her daddys eyes !! ...(gorgous green eyes that are a cross between her daddy and my sister )

People comment on my kids eyes all the time ...but I think it is cause they are perfefctly framed with long eye lashes and perfect eye brows !!

My Mum and Dad and EVERYONE in my entire family have blue eyes except for me; mine are a very dark green.

DH has the darkest brown eyes I've ever seen - they almost look black sometimes. Very intense!

DS1 has green/hazel eyes.
DS2 has dark brown eyes (not anywhere near as dark as DH's though).
Df has blue/green
i have blue
N has blue

My dad has blue my stepmum has brown and there 2 boys have brown

My mum has blue ansd 3 out of my 4 sisters have blue the 4th has green ?!

A friends little girl is 13 months and her eyes were blue now they are changing. They are currently green but look like they are turning bown.
I have green eyes, ex DP has brown eyes and DD has brown eyes though i knew she would have brown eyes as ex DP is african lol so pregnant i knew that she would have brown eyes, and curly dark hair, i knew her nose would be a little button nose and i knew she would have terrible eyebrows as we both do and i hoped she would have my lashes which she does smile
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