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I have blue eyes and DF has dark brown.

DD1 has gorgeous brown eyes, get lots of comments on them lol. She looks just like her daddy so no surprise her eyes turned out just like his!

DD2 has massive blue eyes and they are just like mine! And the funny thing is she looks just like me so it's funny that she got blue eyes too! I knew that blue eyes weren't a dominant gene but I always hoped I'd have one baby with blue eyes!

When we were at the bank the teller was talking to my girls and she was like oh, one brown one blue and then she looked at me and DF and said 'oh, one mummy one daddy lol'.


i have hazel, my partner have hazel as well...our baby son have such nice blue eyes with blonde hair. he is prefect boy i ever had!
Everyone in my family but me have very vivid blue eyes. I got green for some reason. DS father has green/hazel and so far DS has blue eyes. I get some many comments on how big and bright his eyes are, I hope they stay blue!
DH has blue/green eyes (his mum has blue eyes and his dad has blue eyes)
I have brown eyes (my mum had blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes)

DD has green/grey/hazel eyes, her eyes change constantly sometimes with the colour of clothing.

DS has the brightest blue eyes with a dark blue ring around them.

I always wanted my kids to have blue eyes lol, so hopefully the next one will too.
[center]Kids father has green eyes
I have hazel eyes

Caleb has hazel eyes
Amos has brown eyes
Elisha has green eyes
David has blue eyes
Peter has blue eyes
Malachi has brown eyes

My sister & one brother have blue eyes
other brother has brown eyes
mum has blue eyes & dad has brown eyes[/center]

DH has the most gorgeous blue eyes i've ever seen.
I have brown.

DD1 has the same as her dad. Gorgeous big bright blue eyes.
DD1 had black when she was born. Just big black eyes! So weird! Now she has the same gorgeous blue eyes as her sister and dad.

My family all have brown eyes. All seven of us. So does my nanna and my aunties.

Everyone told me their eyes would change when they were younger but nope! YAY for the big crystal clear blue eyes smile

Can't be more surprised than me with my new DD... She's still got the steely grey blue eyes that she's had since birth (now 2 months). Sometimes they look like they're going greenish or brownish, but then they end up back to that greyish colour. I know genetics dictate she's got almost no chance of having any colour other than brown for her eyes but it's still fun to watch and speculate.

DH has light bluish greyish sometimes greenish eyes and I'm 100% chinese with super dark brown eyes (some would say they're black they're that dark and hard to tell).

DD1 has mid-light brown eyes - ie you can definitely tell they're brown. She was born with very light brown - almost blonde hair.
DD2 it's yet to be determined what colour eyes she'll end up with! She was born with dark brown hair.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

whats yours, and father of your kids. what colour do they have.

i have read about the recessive gene, but no idea what it means. so still puzzled how my baby has blue eyes, and her brother has brown, i have brown and their dad has brown sad i wanted her to have brown, so she might look a little like me. but no, she looks nothing like me. not fair.

what are the chances of this. just curious

We've all got blue
Blue, blue, blue and blue here smile

I just recently read here on the huggies site about Baby's Eye Colour. If you click on 'More Tools' up the top right hand side of the page, a drop down list with Baby's Eye Colour appears and explains it a bit. What I thought was interesting was that it says that a childs true colour cannot be determined until age 3. I always thought it happened within the first year.
Me - blue
DP - blue
DD - blue
DHs change colour, they are generally hazel but depending on day and mood they range from more green to more brown, mine are green and DS1s are brown, DS2s have a slight greenishness to them but I think they are going to turn brown sad I really wanted one of my boys to get my green eyes!
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