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I'm going against everyone here, I say invite him. I don't know why you arn't talking. I'm just going from my own experience. I was not speaking with my brother when my and DH got married. We hadn't spoken for about 3 years and it hurt as we used to be close. But we are both stubbon and wouldnt talk about our problem. I still invited him - as at the end of the day he is my brother. It didn't mean I spoke to him on the day - he congratulated us - and I'm pretty sure he took advantage of the free grog - but that was ok by us.

Fast forward 2 years when I've had DS - brother came to me to make amends. We now have a relationship - not the best one, but we visit eachother every now and then. I have two beautiful nephews from him that I love spending time with.

Looks like I've rambled too much here - just wanted you to see another story - I have no idea why your fighting but if you think that the relationship in the future could be at all salvagable - invite him.

Thanks for your responses. I dont think I will be inviting him. darcystarflight, I dont want him in mine or my kids lives, he does not have any morals as far as im concerned.

I still say you should elope lol! Take the kids somewhere beautiful and do it with them as your witnesses. The nobody can get their nose out of joint, you don't have to worry about other people's selfishness, and you can focus on your special day!

Here here! That's what DH and I did (although you do require 2 adult witnesses). Not because there were people we didn't want to invite but, just because OUR wedding day was becoming about what everyone around us wanted and not at all about US.

I would go with option 2. If it were me, I would tell my parents that I understood that they weren't happy with my decision but that I expected them to respect it and not question it again. Unfortunately, it is a difficult situation and your parents don't sound like they're going to drop it lightly. All you can do is make the decision for yourself and put your foot down. If they bring it up again, don't bite. Don't enter the conversation at all.

Good luck! I hope you have a beautiful, stress-free day smile
NO I wouldnt invite him.
It is totally your decision - you need to invite who YOU want, not what anyone else wants, regardless of how hurtful it is to others.

I was on the receiving end of this.
My brother and my DH had a falling out, and when my brother was married, I was invited to the wedding, JUST ME. Not my DH, not my kids (we had 3 at the time), just me.
My other siblings had their spouses and children invited, but I didn't, and it was very very hurtful that he couldn't acknowledge that I had kids. I went to the ceremony alone and then went home. I wasn't invited to the family photographs, yet my other siblings were, as were their partners and their children. Seeing a family portrait with Mum, Dad, my 3 brothers, their partners and children, and my mums brother, yet I am not wanted - as if I am not part of the family is extremely hurtful. I didn't attend the reception, as I didn't feel comfortable sitting alone, and explaining to people where my husband and kids were.
I was extremely hurt and cried many tears over it, but at the end of the day, it was my brothers decision as to who he wanted at his wedding, and in his photographs - not mine.
NO!!! Don't invite him!!! Why open the doors for him if you don't want him in yours or your kids life just to make your parents happy? This is your special day & you deserve to enjoy it & not feel uncomfortable.
if you werent talking but had nofeelings toward him, I would say invite him so you could be the bigger person, however you said you feel uncomfortable around him so that changes it, a definate no from me.
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