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Ok it was my niece (my brothers DD) 3rd birthday yesterday. We went around to give her her present and she asked her dad for a drink. My dad was having a beer (thats not unusual lol) and my brother said go take your cup to Grandad he will give you a drink.

My dad gave her HALF A CUP OF BEER!! I was so shocked, especially when her dad didnt bat an eyelid, infact she sat back next to him drinking it.

DH was appalled...he demanded they tip it out. It started getting heated so we decided to go.

I know that may be something that was ok in the past, but surely in this day and age do you all agree its not on?!

Looks like my DD wont be spending much alone time with them when she is a little older.

Oh on a side note they also tried to give Rachel some of the birthday cake...gee I was peeved!
wow half a cup at that age is a bit much! i don't think to much if the paretns give the kids a sip in their own home, but that seems a lot to be consumed....., seems excessive to me. I am not one to bother what other parents do with their kids, but i would even be shocked at that amount..

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

I must admit when I was a kid dad would save me the dregs in his stubbies of beer and I would always drink them, but he would never do it now to my kids!

Its wrong and yes I would have said something I got quite upset at a friend once when I saw her son drinking from a bundy bottle ( he was about 4) she said nah its OK its watered down!! Its NOT OK
I don't think it's ok at all !!
I agree that having a sip of daddys beer is ok, you wouldn't do it everyday, but half a cup is not right !
I'd definatly be worried about leaving your daughter alone with them when she is a bit older.

That is so wrong on so many levels not only allowing her to have an excessive amount of alcohol but to physically put it in her regular drinking cup *shakes head* A sip here and there is no big deal but half a cup bloody hell and all because their too lazy to get up and get a juice or water...frig me coke would have been better than beer

Cheers Ness

I agree a sip I wouldnt have worried about, even if she had of had lemonade and they put some in her cup to flavour the lemonade, but a whole half a glass!!!

I shouldnt be surprised because up until recently she always called coke "bourbon"...

This kid is going to be messed up...I feel so bad for her...they give her beer to drink however she still has bottles (not just for milk but juice etc too, the beer was in a cup though) and nappies....

Where is the distinction of being a kid??? I am going to blow up at them the next time I see them, I just didnt want to do it on her birthday as it was semi spoilt already when my brother backed into my grandmothers car (thats a whole other story).
OMG - seriously don't even know what to say about the alcohol! (though for a developing toddler brain - seriously wrong!!!)
and in regards to the coke and still having bottles with juice etc - she is going to have rotten teeth very shortly - i assure you - have previously worked in dental care and the things i have seen - poor kids - teeth ripped out at the age of 4! please - she is your niece - say something - so they crack the shits or get upset with you - i would be putting my niece's welfare ahead of any family relationships!
I don't even think a sip is ok personally, I can't even stand it when people take photos of kids/babies holding bottles etc. just looks very tacky imo. I'd definitely be saying something.
Crikey! Half a cup!!!

Gosh my kids are allowed to have ONE sip of DH's beer maybe once a week ... and I am not even fond of that, but half a cup is a lot of beer for a 3 yr old huh !!
our kids get sips... that's it. I feel bad enough giving them half a cup of fizzy drink!!!

I don't even think a sip is ok personally

Same, IMO. But of course what other people do with there children is there business but half a cup of beer, for a 3 yo! That is very extreme. And tbh it sounds like it happens on a regular basis if her Dad said well go take your cup to Grandad.. like it happens all the time! Far out.

Eeeep not cool IMO! I read the title and expected you to be talking about a 15 year old! DD1 is 3 and I can't even imagine giving her half a cup of coke let alone beer. I would say something but maybe take some time to think about how to approach the topic so you don't cause any huge conflict.
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