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Would you say anything? Rss

i think that is so wrong. even to give sips. i dont even like seeing ds near a bottle and my dh now knows not even to joke about it with me and none of my family would ever dare to do anything like that cos they know where i stand when it comes to alcohol, especially beer.

i dont think i could even try to keep my mouth shut.
OMG that is unbelievable are some people really the stupid, the damage that that could cause to a developing brain.

***shaking head is disbelief***

half a cup!!! give me half a cup of beer and Im telling you how much i loooooove wub you

Oh yeah, and that's terrible. so wrong.

and i have always wanted to use this ninja emoticon ph34r
i don't think at 3 years of age that even a sip is ok. no way would i ever let DS have a sip of alcohol. i don't think its right to let them have a try of it until much, much older, say around 16.

I think that is soo wrong!! A 3 year old drinking beer?? If it were me I would have said something or reported it. What effect would that have on her developing liver, kidneys & brain?! It does not surprise me that your DP said something & I commend him for it. I can't believe what goes thru ppl's head these days to think it is ok to give alcohol to a toddler? I would not care if I upset the 'apple cart' by saying or doing something bcus there are more important things at stake like the health of a child.

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