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do we need special nappies!!?? Rss

my son sleeps on his tummy and his nappies are clearly designed for things to flow backwards not forwards!!

i think huggies should come out with night nappies for tummy sleepers hehe!

or im guna start putting it onbackwards!

anyone else have this issue?
how old is your son, i never really have this problem but then again i dont use huggies nappies at night i use aldi nappies i find they hold alot more when he sleeps all night.
hes 6 months. he sleeps at least 10 hours a night (that could be the issue)

hmmm yeh maybe a change of nappy for nights...
yeah try and go for a unisex nappy cause the padding is heavy through out the nappy but usually the defined sex nappies are different, the girl ones have more padding in the middle while boy nappies have more in the front.
On another issue and i hope i dont offend you but can your son roll himself to his back im just worried cause of what they say about sids.
Dont get me wrong i still go into my sons room to check if hes breathing hes 11 months now. I stopped putting him on his back when he would roll over to his tummy by himself but that took awhile
if you do I'd have no idea where to get them from smile
my baby is a tummy sleeper too. Boys are harder than girls with that ... I find the nappies are just soaked at the top half. I usually just get a unisex nappy for night, but in all honesty i still find i am changing him in the middle of the night cause he leaks.... still havent found anything that works all night as of yet.

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

materinity pads!!!!
I always had trouble with my DS until he was out of nappies. A lot of nights he would wake up dry and a lot of nights he would wake up soaking.

My DD's nappies however are much better. I don't know if they are desgined differently or not but she doesn't have wet nappies in the morning. She also sleeps on her tummy and all night.
i have a boy adn a girl both of whom sleep on their tummies and ive never had a problem with huggies nappies at night. they both sleep for 12 hours at night.

you could try changing him as soon as he wakes before he does his morning pee.

it has been a while since we have had anyone in nappies, and I don't know if they still make them but I used bebe nappy mate inserts at night and it solved the problem.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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