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going from the age of consent thread Rss

This is true but happened like 40ish years ago. If this was you son or brother would you consider charges.

Boy is 15. The nanny of younger children is 25. Nanny gets pregnant to boy. This is her second child. May have had other pregnancies but this is here say.

In my opinion a 15 yearold boy can easily be manipulated by an older woman and would hit the roof if this happened. Particularly so long ago when it happened I really don't think a 15 yearold would have being very worldly.

i agree 15 is pretty young. esp with a woman in a position of power.

and its illegal... ?

it is a hard one though i know of 15yr olds that would BRAG about having sex with older women ?
For anyone in a position of trust and power eg teachers, babysitters, police etc etc to break that trust by sleeping with the child in their care should be locked up. Pure and Simple. A child is too vunerable to manipulation and probably wouldnt even know if they were being manipulated
My son is not allowed to have sex until he is 40 so no way!

On a more serious note, I believe that male or female if they under 18 then having relations with someone older then 18 then that person older then 18 should be in jail.
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