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I just don't understand Lock Rss

I am almost 31 weeks pregnant and I just don't look it, I understand that everyone carries differently yada yada but seriously some people don't even realise i am pregnant until I tell them sad

I am a bigger girl but not huge by any means and could understand that it would take a little bit longer but I didn't realise that at 31 weeks pregnant people are still saying "oh wow your pregnant? But your so little" ggggrrrrrrr lol

I am sure I am not the only one but god it's frustrating haha

I just want to look proper pregnant!!!

Ok silly vent over wink

I had the same problem with both mine. With DD no one knew until they saw me with a baby i barely showed. This time people only started to notice a few weeks ago and are shocked to here i only have 3 weeks left. Its not silly i used to feel that way. I did show from 30 weeks though but with the clothes a wear a month ago some goes what your pregnant. I like that fact im smallish if i was any heavier i would be falling over alot more lol.
I think everyone just carries it differently.
I had twins and from behind didn't look pregnant but whoa from the side I was torpedo shaped! DH said I needed to grow another pair of legs under my belly!
I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!! and you tell people that you wish you looked more preg and they look at you funny?? lol

i had my son at 34 weeks and i had people telling me i didnt even look preg the week before!!

i went to buy a capsule and the sales lady asked who i was buying it for!! that was 2 weeks before bubs came! argh it actually sucks aye!

i only gained 6kg my whole preg i was only 48kg so i duno where baby was hideing?? and i was back to pre preg weight the day after he was born. so thats an upside i guess.

theres nothing you can do about it but it does suck. maybe buy some clothes that really make you look preggy! i though of that after when i saw what some ladies wore , you can kinda make the illusion of a huge bump of joy smile

those tops that go tight under your bust then flow down... they can make you look more preg i think.
I have a friend who has carried 5 babies to term and never looked preggy a day in her life. She carries her babies all towards he back, all big 7-8 pounders too! You just need to adopt the waddle smile It's much better if people can't tell you're pregnant at all than they can tell when you're only 6 weeks lol lol.
I know exactly how you feel!!! Im 30 weeks & 6 days (exactly the same as you!!) and get daily "oh but your so tiny" comments. I definately look pregnant but my bump is fairly small. Try and think that being smaller will hopefully mean you feel less uncomfortable and maybe less chance of stretch marks too - trying to think of positives!!!

My sister went maternity bra shopping when she had 6 days left and the sales lady asked her how far along she was and didn't believe it, she thought she would have had at least 3 months to go. My sister has always been very skinny so you would think she wouldn't have much room to hide a baby (and my niece was almost 9lb!) although she is also very tall..

Are you tall? I didn't carry very big with mine until I got closer to the end.

And like some PP said, some women carry all out front and some babies seem to sit more towards your back so your belly isn't all out front.

I feel your pain though, I only got asked twice during my whole pregnancy with DD1 about when I was due.. First time on my due date and 2nd time 4 days over haha

I've got lovely generous hips, so plenty of inner room for my babies tongue
I think a lot of people at our childcare were surprised when I walked in with a newborn! Some even said they didn't realise I was pregnant! lollol

Hmmm.. so I must've just looked fatter than usual then eh? smile

I've never been very big with mine - I think I looked the most pregnant with DD2 but only coz she was my biggest by almost a pound.

I would try to find clothes that accentuated my bump if I wanted it to be noticed..

I was feeling the same up until a week or so ago, i had a little bump but not those big round bellies you see. But within the last week or 2 i've just popped out!! So you never know you might get your big belly!!

Its so funny getting upset your belly isn't big enough and it's true people do think your strange for saying you want a huge belly lol. But like someone else said, think of all the positives, less stretch marks, its not as uncomfortable in bed etc etc.

You can still feel your bubba in your belly so it is still exciting smile

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