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What would you DH do in this situation Lock Rss

she could have at least deleted the evidence!! lol
The part that surprised me the most was she was angry at him. I said to her that she should think before she did something "would you like it if he did that to you"

What the heck was she thinking sending a pic of her boobs to a stranger?? lol

I know that she has lost alot of her confidence as she has put on alot of weight over the years. I think it made her feel sexy again. I think she got caught up in the moment. She said she regretted it after doing it. I could never do that (maybe the before kids boob photo lol)

1.I would never ever do that I love my hubby very much and he appriciates my boobs LOL. (he would prob be the one sending the picture tongue )

2. We share all 3 of our email accounts and our fb accound so I would definatly be caught and he would leave me, sending an email of your boobs to another guy is like cheating!

Hmmmm I don't know! I know he wouldn't leave but he would be hurt and angry.. And probably confused as to why I did it!

What the heck was she thinking sending a pic of her boobs to a stranger?? lol

I was going to say the exact same thing !!! lol lol

God ...Hubby would give me this look ...oh god you have to know my husband to know the look I mean ...he would possibly not say a single word but pick the kids up and walk out ...there is no way on this earth that if we split he would leave the kids with me !!! lol lol ..he wouldnt cope ..he would take them with him ..and so he should ...random people out there have pics of my boobs (I also want to know what shape her boobs are in after a few kids ...obviously faired better then mine if she is takeing pictures of them lol lol ...mine would have a back ground of my knees !!! lol lol )is that classed as porn ??? lol lol lol

DH wouldn't leave me but my lord, there'd be a lot of work involved to get him back emotionally.

df wouldnt leave but it would take alot of effort and work to leave it in the past . i can say this because something along those lines has happened with us a good 6-7 years ago . long story

I would NEVER do it unless I wanted my marriage to end. I would expect my DH to be mightly pissed, I dont think he would walk out because of the kids, but we most defiantly would not be sleeping in the same room anymore, or probably even speaking anymore!! smile

If you want your marriage to end why not end it? Doing that is betrayal.
What was she thinking?
DH goes through my emails and phone, I don't care I have nothing to hide(unless it's a surprise for him which he spoils!). He's slightly insecure but that is because with his job he's away.
IF she truly regretted it she should have come clean and confessed to him when it first happened. IF I was him I would NEVER trust her again, simply because she felt the need 'hide' it and then her reaction once it was out.

Wow! her DH has every right to be angry1!!! I would expect nothing less!!!

We are very open here, all mobile phones sit on the bench I randomly pick his up and read texts cos my BIL sends some really funny ones and he always reads through mine, we share an email account and I have a yahoo acct for here, FB ebay etc but he can read whats in there anytime, I have however asked that he doesn't read my PMs on FB as we have alot of mutual friends and I do have private conversations with them and he respects that
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